CHINA-UK: Yang Jian and Bei Yue

This dialogue ran from 22 November 2009 – 17 January 2010, after which the artists were invited to discuss ideas for new work. The dialogues have now ended, but you can see and engage with the development of the selected proposals here.

Yang Jian

Yang Jian

Bei Yue

Bei Yue


Proposal form

All our artists are invited to submit one or more proposals for new work, individually or collaboratively, by 1 April 2010. Please click here for the form:

iaa proposal form


a mouse died in my wood by himself

another idea

it is about a way to read an forbidden book or information. and it is a useless way.

smell sculpture,

found an  forbidden book for X country, and powdering the book ,  and mix gunpowder and other material to make it as an huge hanging incense which normally be seen in temple. and sell it  to readers who from the country forbid this book.

and people can stand inside the incense, smell the book.

what do YOU want (really)

back to basics – (I) what do YOU want to say? (II) how is your desire going to inhabit the language (medium) you intend to use?

all fine

let’s regroup…


Hi Breda, i think i misunderstood your question from the begining.

When i re-read the question, i think i couldn`t give the answer, it is too difficult.

“to give my feel as a viewer of other people`s work in general,  and  to forget about my point of view as an artist.”

i took ozu as an example  because several days ago i watched his movie : )

and  i said about nanjing,  because when i googleing ozu it jump out, and i think it is interesting to show the richness of an person.

as you see, all these happened just from the unexpected direction of your question, and when i reply these to your question only for reply (although i am misunderstood) , they are nothing to do with my proposal of shape of soul.

Nanjing 4

‘I almost didn’t recognise you. I thought it was a Japanese woman who looks like you” ending ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Wong Kar-wai

nanjing 3

iaa asked: “how do you feel as a viewer of other people’s work?”

from a pool of many international artists or filmmakers/directors, you referred ONLY to Tokyo Story, a feature by Ozu. why?

yes, there as many studies about Ozu’s work, and there are many references to the Nanjing massacre.

where are you in relation to all this really? searching for the shape of ‘the soul’ of plants, animals, and humans?

mediation on morality

Hi Breda,,About the mediation on morality,  i dont have special ideal about it and i never  think about his film from this aspect, i like ozu`s film more from viewer than artistic study,and frankly speaking  i am not  interest in  film study.

but as before i mentioned we can found out hundrends of study paper about ozu`s film.  i repeat some fragments study  from others : in his film ozu set the father as a god position, taking everything just smile/ never angry/ always merciful,

audience  can from this view  study the  patriarchal social system  in asia ,

you also can study the position of female in his film

in his film there is big part of  morality concerning, but not much exist in his personal life, what a pity for a master.

nanjing 2

still doesn’t answer the question how is Ozu’s mediation on morality integrated in his idiosyncratic cinematic language…


图片 1


hi breda, so the question now return to a view of artist, about the camera position as you know we can easily found a lot of articles in internet, why low, because one:  tatami , two: respect of people, three: the space of traditional japanese interior .

i found out ozu was a Canadum of Gas unit  in  japanese army in world war two, and he spread poison gas in Changjiang river in  China。

yep, Tokyo Story

is a meditation on morality. what about Ozu’s cinematic style?
what do you think determines the camera position in Ozu’s films?
(why is the camera position low?)

Tokyo story, Ozu

Dramatic under peaceful surface, not solution gave by director.
Bad guy do bad things to good guy, bad guy doesn’t get any punishment,and good seems like he doesn’t know anything about he got hurt or cheat by bad guy. And they live together like used be.
All the punishment`s gave and hurt taking only happened in audience mind and body.
hi breda, When I first time saw your question? I am little bit confuse. It is wired for me, but if I ask why you ask me this question, it also very wired to you I thought.
I hope I didn’t give the image to other people that I am the person only care myself , only think my work is great.


other international artists or filmmakers/directors in general (not imagine art after artists)

as a viewer

hi breda,  other people`s work , you mean the old works of other people in the dialogue or the proposal of them?


would it be possible to forget about your point of view as an artist for a moment? be great if you could let me know:
how do you feel as a viewer of other people’s work?


what sleeps in the rock,

dreams in a plant,

lives in an animal,

i like these sentence,  and before i got suggestion that to read  the poem of john donne, he also wrote a beautiful poem about soul,

when i making things, i always avoid myself to understand too much about my work. the process is like this: i got an idea, then i found a way to express it,  and i try to maintain it in a level that i knew there is something behind it, but i dont want to know what exactly it is,  i afraid to limit my work`s ablity of openness by my limit knowledge and limit experience.

so i always stay in an state of unclear mind,  it seems like i have a child, if i want to know all the mind of him/her i can easily know, but i keep it in unknowing,  so him/her has kind of mystery things  that could attract me。

shapes & souls

not sure how we got from crematoriums, smoke and glass to plants, animals and human beings… are you familiar with this:

“what sleeps in the rock,

dreams in a plant,

lives in an animal,

and becomes conscious in a human being

3 form

Thanks Breda about the footage : )

i think about  the shape of soul  in three, one is from human, one from animal, one from plant,  but maybe it is too statement alike, too directly, too flat,  seems like  i try to saling the philosophy about :equalitarian idea


shape of soul

crematoriums, smoke, and… glass – sounds promising.

film & literature research references:

‘Night and Fog’ by Alain Resnais (one of the best documentaries ever made)

“Have you noticed that Amsterdam’s concentric canals resemble the circles of hell?” from ‘The Fall’, a book by Albert Camus

shape of soul

i will study about two crematories in amsterdam, one is for animal one for human.

the idea is leading the smoke of cinerator to glass making, but only let the smoke meet the hot glass ,happening automaticly……….

many problems:    get the aggreement from  people, and construction in the crematory,

the result maybe including sound , sculpture , picture and videos,  so it would be an installation view


happy tiger year!!!! 虎年好

虎年 开心 健康 快乐!!

in opposition to this?

Andrey Tarkovsky’s ‘Nostalgia’

city of death and living




if  remove all the people of cairo in one moment, nobody will think cairo is a living city just seconds ago.

most of building are seems like underconstrction forever or be dismantled in halfway

in the cemetery ( al-Arafa), maybe we should give it another name, there no only dead people live there but also living people, and this is not only happened in rescent years but already exit hundreds or thousands years, the life mix the living and death, people sit upon the tomb as chair, dry they clothes and blanket  on the tomb……..   just as the cairo city, cairo is a big al-Arafa, al-Arafa is a small cairo.

i like this idear of  non-different

morphic fields & morphic resonance

theory by Rupert Sheldrake, English scientist
Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields

the shape of soul or death

2008 my grandmother in my father side and my grandmother in my mother side gone one after another.

i was in the crematory of my maternal grandmother, we companied with her for the last length of trip, and then she was pushed in the metal container and feel the fire`s warm,

then i standed outside of the building, saw the smoke was lifting and scattering,

i was thinking about the shape of the soul if the soul really exit,

i want to believe that there is soul in the mankind`s body.


hi bei, nice to hear you again, these days are busy for me, planing for the this year, meeting many people, making new friends in rijks,   it is nice that you can get balance between art and job: ) i will meet this problem in near future: (

dont be shame about following the fashion trend,  it is nice sometime follom some trend with empty mind, we always need some easy please.

in the weekend i will do a group trip to egypt for 1week, i looking forward to it. i make a t-shirt for the trip : )

Back to the stage, back of the life

Hello Yang. Sorry for my long term break. Here are tow good news from myself that I would like to share with you.

First of all I met the 007 actor at Royal Academy when I was almost finish work yesterday. Second I finally transfer my gallery assistant job into a part-time.

It means I got few more time to do whatever I like. I saw your last entry about question of life and others. Personally I always feel that suspicious.

As I shut down allmy creative work at this moment, all I feel is doubt of life sometimes human nature….

I saw a book at water-stone, a common  book store in UK. There is a book seems really popular, it’s entitled ‘ how to walk with high heels’ .

Due to I was awaiting someone, I cost 1 hour and a half to read this book. Then I realize that is kind of guideline which helps ladies understand what is fashion and what is good manner for a pop lady. For me it’s an interesting phenomenon that an author attempts to manufacture her reader in quite a fixed form.  However, the book still attract lots of people even myself. Maybe I shall confess that I am not wise enough and still like a little girl who insist to follow the fashion trend.

I received a letter form IAA and inform all of us should think about our new project. Anyway, the boring assistant job will annoyed me less than before. And I suppose that I will have more time concentrate my career seeking and creative work. As I said, I always make sth with enjoyable.

I wake up and pass myself a big smile, today is a new day!


i dont konw to talk what, but when i saw people post the text about : “what do i want?”  and “Question” these kind of serious topic, i fell really nervous, i asked myself : should i write something as respoce?  but i dont have anything good to responce.

i think the main point of “what do i want?”  and “Question” is totally not Constructive,  the first felling of me  is : ok….. again…..and what else!  of course these are really important questions but do you have any  individual opinions or questions about it.   I dont have, so i nervous.

iaa dialogue official end date 17 Jan. however…

some dialogues will continue

after midnight

Thank you!

Those of you who have expressed interest in communicating beyond today’s end date  can do so by either continuing the current dialogue, or by migrating to another ‘country’ and establishing a dialogue with a new artist/filmmaker. The IAA team will stay with you.

Thank you…everyone.



Back from workdays. start painting

Hello Yang. It’s really nice with the break after workdays. Yes the snow was really  heavy in UK.and I am sure that will be similar at your place.

It’s wired but I shall confess that the time become much more countable for me. After I start my new job, I realize that the time really means a lot.

Today I finished from Tate at early afternoon, and rushed to graphic center for a package of watercolor. It’s really enjoyable for the process of shopping at graphic center because finally I got something I want to express.  To be honest I haven’t paint anything after I graduate from the Fine art institute. And never expected to do that recently. However my life here stimulates those idea and they just come to me rapidly.

There might still be some tinpot pictures however I am going to enjoy anything I create. Let’s see what is going on. :P

What do ‘I’ want?

“All blueprints of what people should be like are at once denials of reality and attempts to create it anew. It is one of the peculiar characteristics of human wanting that it always involves being persuaded about what it is one should want. This persuasion, which takes many forms – from brainwashing to education, from seduction to conversation – is one way of describing the experience of growing up in any society.

The wanting without which human survival is impossible is symbolically organised; wanting is inextricable from what our societies tell us we should want. If our loves and hates, our likings and our curiosities, our passions and aversions ‘come under conceptual definition, manipulation and control’, then there is no natural state in which we can live, or to which we can return. Indeed, the whole notion of a natural state, or significant origin, is itself one of those culturally generated conceptual definitions.”

Whether in country of origin or in country of destination, one burning question seem to overlap – What is it that we really want? What do you really want your art or filmmaking to do?

snowing alll the time: )

i like snowing although i stay indoor most of the day,

these days i reading a book wrote by andrei platonov -the fierce and beautiful world, it is the very few one i could smoothly read without too much difficulties in english, and this is a good one,  it make me feel warm and sad hearted in the same time,   and i found this book by occasionally , it belongs to nobody after some one decide to let it free on a corner.

it  describe very detailed about the relation between spirit and poverty

Nice Jigsaw

Hey Yang.

I just finish my work and finish a nice dinner with my partner. How is your football day? Today I went to see one temporary exhibition while I was break at Tate Modern. It’s really interesting while I change my identity at a gallery–from a visitor to a stuff. This identity transform might drop a hint in my mind, to review those collections in a different way.

I never image I will feel boring with a gallery space, however now I got this feeling because I shall spend my whole day there and answer concise query from the audience over and over again. Today I was thought to change my job and now just finish my new portfolio, will do some editing after this week and let’s see what happened for my next job struggle.

How about your exhibition there ? wish you goes very well.


图像185 i destroied the prop of pigfat then it is not that heavy to move.

football day

i am good, just waiting the technical workshop open again then i could continue my unfinished sculpture.

4 floors is good for your body exercise :) my apartment is in fourth also

today is football day, now i will go to play it with some chinese students in amsterdam.

soooo busy for work till Monday

Hello Yang

I almost killed by the new job because I have to move myself cross the 4 levels in the Gallery.

How about your days in the art center?  There is a nice exhibition running at TATE Modern and we got free entry with our badge of the company.

Will show you after tomorrow.

BLUE moon, New Ear

Hazem and all at IAA:

Cambridge BLUE moon, turning the last  pages of the 2009!

Issam Kourbaj

Issam Kourbaj

Issam Kourbaj

Issam Kourbaj

Wishing you many inspiring days in the coming year, and a very Happy New Ear (as my son. profoundly,  used to say!)


Russian Salad!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Throwing a handful of Russian salad over the net to you!

Taus Makhacheva

Let Us all end up face down in our own Russian salad tonight!

Happy new year/weaving/webs/net


When you feel everything is somehow connected and we are all joining a big net
life takes another meaning. This project is a big net that is full of significance also.
I love being part of this, and it is nice to read and get to know others process and thoughts.

I Wish you all a wonderful new year; truly great, full of adventures, joy, neverending curiosity for things to come, creativity, love and inner peace!

best wishes from Colombia


Happy New Year 2010 !

Best wishes for the coming new year !


Andro Semeiko

Transmitter_BASE2F, by Yu-Chen Wang and Andro Semeiko, 2009


Hi Bei,  it is nice to continue this dialogue: _)

We almost done with the house building-up before new year . hehe !  Normally i dont like to talk about sketch with other people,i worry about the idea may be influenced too much by others. But i will try to do it, and i`d like to give you my feeling about your sketch frankly.

we got most junk-comments than others, haha: ) we should happy about that.

yesterday amsterdam snowing again.

happy new year!

p.s. my snow-roadblock


Really shock about the junk project in sketch

Hello Yang

Hope you moving well on helping your mate.  I just work 4 days once a week but it was really busy. I meet really nice people in the team and those group work experience was completely different compare what I did before. My job in TATE is a general occasion like gallery assistant, I think I can use this period to collect different experience during my life. I have receive the e-mail from IAA curator and said that the dialogue will not finished at the end of this year. I think we may able to share some idea of future project if you like. I will start update my sketch and photos and you may gave me few feedback when you got time.

I do like to continue this dialogue.:)

The comments on our dialogue seems like junk-mail? do you know what happened here? I do not consider that our Christmas Card will be so hot with comments, haha .

Happy new year, We are going to have hot-pot onthe 31st December.

they’ve found us!

with the rest of IAA team away, your curator is helpless with junk-mail

finally we got some comments

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and these become more and more

i think these are good comments to what we are doing in here.

painting new wall, close to white

hello bei, i am so busy these days to help my friend to build up the floor and paint the wall, there are lots of job to make a new living space, but we are very happy: ) we ate hot pot in christmas.

How were your first day of work? Hope you enjoy it!

: )

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

to family and friend rm

Hello Yang, how was Christmas in Netherland? It is quite cold in London and we saw lightly snow around this week.

Me and my partner went to a winter wonderland located at Hyde-park and got a nice time there.

However those enjoyable experience ends after 23rd. Due to the train might be off service during 24 and 25th, we blocked ourselves in the flat and dinner together. Today a proposal for study at London college of fashion kills my whole afternoon without any piece of cake! I had submitted this proposal before however the panel requires a new one following their new guideline. Now I had finished it, may got an opportunity to study at London college of fashion at the end of this year. I haven’t decide it yet. I may do that if I would like to work close to commercial photography, but who knows.

I will start work on the 27th. feel a bit nervous and hope everything goes well then.

Enjoy the holiday. and thanks for your card.:)





It is a really nice begining point, you can got deeply involed in the system, to know how it working.  T M is a professional place.

so you decide to stay in england in the next part of your life?

it is a hard decision ha , what  your parents fell?   they must be proud of you.

your classmate should make a nice work about “Phantom of the flat” , haha  it is not so easy to meet this kind of  weird person in the daily life.  or write a book about this experience.

these days  is hard muscle work days, i will clean the dirt of wax in the floor which i made during my shooting process: (

圣诞快乐! 新年好!!

Sometimes demanding ‘right’ is wrong

Hello Yang, Gland you have back to this forum. I am sorry to hear about that horrible experience with an abnormal neighbor. It sounds ridiculous that a person could able to call the police in order to produce troubles to the other. It is unusual in England either. Yes western people obviously defends their common right under any condition. However I definitely agree with you about the ‘selfish’ idea. Sometimes people demanding their ‘right’ might cause difficulty to the others.

In where I am I felt that most people here are polite whether they are native or not. Especially those elder generations, I saw two old ladies offer seats for each other and finally an old man stand up with genteelly smile. People always say thanks and sorry everywhere. and vehicles offer passage for people crossing street positively. However the young generation acts a bit threat, I met 18 teenagers bustup on the street when I was back from Greece. Generally people treat house moving as good sign for future life as well. Obviously there is few odd guys as well, my classmate was met an odd man who always ring the fire alarm in the Middle night but his family members refused confess that man got mental problem. My poor classmate gave the man a Nick-name ‘Phantom of the flat’ just match the musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’. haha .

I finally got a job in Tate Modern, but it’s not quite relevant art, this job is kind of guide stuff but it is a good start for my job seeking. And we met snow in London now. I have attached a picture of Hampton Court. the palace of Henry VIII, Me and my partner went to this skating pool and it’s really nice place to see.

Hampton court skating pool

Hampton Court Skating Pool.

Bei's fun art on tummy

A fun Art on tummy.

Also a fun Art I did in someone’s tummy, :)

Merry Christmas and Happy new year .

selfishness, always me\me\me\me

hi bei, these days i help my friend to move  the staff to the new house, 5 people movie more than 6000kg things,  it is really difficult to moving house in amsterdam, street are small, and has lots of princeples, and we met a abnormal neighbors, not allow us use lift( we hire a lift), and call the pelice, so easy things become difficult, we need to use  our hand to move all the stall: (     in china , when the people move in and out , neighbor all understand that will make noise one or two days, and we treat it as good things. but in here it is become totally different,  in here all the system and education over concern individual’s “right” and “interest”  then always leading to selfishness, always me\me\me\me. what about in england,?

i think the best way should be between chinese way and western way. or let us say plus little individual concerning of chinese , minus little selfishness of westerner.

nice to hear that you done well in the interview : )

My interview days

Yesterday is a real interview day.

There were 3 interview took place in three different place.

11,30 at National Gallery

2.30 at TATE Morden

4.30 at Hampstead

And all I had passed but my job will start after Christmas.

All my interviews went well. Thanks,

Big issue, small point.

Hello Yang. I completely agree with you about the environment is a massive and difficult issue which may not good enough to discuss with. I always tired of those conference because they are really hypocritical to define the topic. As you said those environment issue always be avoided because big names’ action is less relevant to what the topic seems to be.

It’s a bit embarrass to talk about the identity of artworks. For me I just do whatever I like and attempt to find happy during the process. sometimes I do not consider myself as what those exhibitions and events expected to be. My daily life is concise, wake up around 8 or 9, then prepare my CV and try to forward them to galleries and museums who is seeking for assistant. Now I live in Egham, in a cozy house with my partner. We look after each other and encourage each other. Two years ago when I arrive Britain, I just think about how to try my best to  complete my MA and find a good job. To be honest those days are not enjoyable because I can feel the pressure comes from everywhere. Your conception about ABCD series is impressive and interesting. Sometimes those complicate issue is too big to discuss. What I care about is  just small point close to my life. I feel happy in a stable environment without too many crush. Maybe I am not good enough to be an artist, a curator or anything. However this is a way for who I should be.


Hi Bei, did you read any news about the confrence in Copenhagen?    you can see that “environment” issue always is not so much about environment, it is a battle field for power  showing. as for me, 99% of polictican are dirty, most of knaves、thiefs and liars are wear the skin as statesman no matter they are from south or north.  But the most interesting factor is human society  need these people do the dirty job.

I dont think you need to shamed about enviroment pollution in China, it is need long road to go, it is need people change they old mind ,to re-study the relationship between enviroment and society, it is not that easy to solved this problem in several years.   you can see that western country become today`s  “greener” country (compare some other country like :china,india..)  only from very near past, and one of western country`s “green” solution is move the mass polution industry to developing country, you also can find out many mass polution factory nowdays moved from east of china to inner china .   of course i aggree that enviroment polluted lot in China now, but what we can do?  many people need basic survivial conditions, and we dont have so many “green” factory in China,and green factory they dont need so many workers…… and there are so many complicate problems twiss together in one issue,    like you want to find A, but prople tell you should find B first, and find C is the only way to find B, and find D is the only way to find C, maybe in the end  the only way you find D is find A first, so  this become a circle question, not end not begin,  and what we should do, i dont konw,  maybe is education, change the way people live.

so you can see that it is really difficult to deal with enviroment issue, it is too big topic,  i dont want my work become an old preachment  : dont do this,dont do that, do this ,do that .  but surely i will persuade myself and my friend and my family dont waste water ,dont waste electric power, collecting the useless battery (although i dont know give it to who afterward)……

Drifting in city of mist

Hello Yang. I got  up very early due to the time difference, was still condiser I was in my place with spice food. London was entitled the city of mist due to those heavy polution of industry, my hometown gains a similat nick-name as well. However my living experience in both of the two city makes me feel a bit shame about what happened in my hometown. London got better air condition while my city is still filled with gloomy mist. I do not care those public issues very much, however, those close experience is difficult to be avoided. You know those ‘big names’ always speaking via diverse media and announce how important to pay more attention to our environment.  Unfortunatly most of announcement I saw worth less than it should be—it is not essential enough to enhance anything.

I don’t know wether you got any opinion about the environment issue, as I knew lots of artist condiser this issue as a hot topic for their reative projects.

good luck

: )

good luck for  your interview

today , sun shining

It’s so exciting back London

Hellko Yang. Now I am in London already with company of my partner. I was flooding in happiness of seeing her again. This the very first post I have writen after I back this city. All the opinions I had at this moment is enjoable. My interview with JIQ JAQ Gallery will take place on next Wedneday, however I still seeking other opportunity to take part in. A bit sick due to the long journey, but feel happy and comfotable now.

some images found from internet


fotos about pigfat



four years ago ,maybe 5years ago,i bought a english version of  LOLITA, but it is too difficult for me to read, till now i still stop on first page, there is one sentence impress me a lot——lolita,light of my life, fire of my loins.

My earlist photo series, Fragmentary Lolita

yuebei lolita1yuebei lolita2yuebei lolita3yuebei lolita4yuebei lolita5Today is a really long day, following the traditional familiy culture in my place. My whole family come to my house and arranged a farewell party for my coming departure towards London. I saw my little sister there again. She once helped my present my first photo series entitled ‘Fragmentary Lolita’. We did this photo project at her house, a mini bathroom with a corner shower cage.

My sister love this function, and so was I. We got this idea after we saw the old film again and again. She must be my first audience and co-operator who dedicated her body and spirit into my photo series.

Here is a short review about the whole works. Just wanna everyone saw her exciting ‘performance’ in front of my lens.

I will update pics when the online album works again, bad luck with it.

curator /gallary

Hi Bei,nice to hear you again,the picture is not about kite it is an  children game in northern of China, child tied a male dragon-fly to catch the female one,  i think it is interesting to share with you. i dont know much about gallery person and curator, but roughly speaking there are two kinds of curator :one most like an artist he/she choose artist and organise an exhibition under his/her strong concept, and in this kind of exhibition the participants(artist) become no important become an explanation of curator`s concept ;  another kind of curator  really in the background, let the artist`s works in the front and self-organise and self- construction.   i couldnt make judgement about these two kind of curator which one is good,  as audience the best judgement is how the  exhibition looks, as an artist………. as an curator………..

Till now i havent see so much interesting exhibitons, most exhibiiton are boring, one is because there are not so much interesting artist ,two is because most curators they dont have interesting concept. As for me, i dont care much about curator, if i got invitation then i show my work, you know that everyday there are thousands of exhibitions happens…….   And the only thing i like about curator is they are  manage everything,you dont need to thinking about looking for fund, looking for space, looking for potential customer(collector), you dont need to think about the electricity access \ water access\internet access if your work needs………

although i show servel times in gallary before but i dont know much about gallary person, gallary is business,i heard that for most young gallary and young artist, if your work sale though the gallary then the 50% is belong to gallary, and mostly the contract between gallary and artist is 5years long( it is not always,it is depends)   of course it is good to find a gallary which has good reputation  and in the sametime they really put attation on you.

curator and gallary persons they are all human, human means they are have different life style \ background\ private interesting…….  so you cannt make a roughly describe about this group people, maybe they like your work maybe not, also maybe you like them maybe not,  and nowdays there are so many curators and gallarys and artists, you always can find some people like you\understand you.

Honestly i dont have feelings about your this series work, yes they are beautiful, as for me they are really similar to chinese wedding pictures nowdays…….  i dont know : )

Film and Photo project : Aslin 2009


Aslin2 beiyue

Aslin3 beiyue

Aslin4 beiyue

‘Aslin’ is a photographic and film project I did with local artists in London. Here are few Pics I took in this project. Marie Gabriel Rotie is a well-known choreographer. It was exciting working with this lady, she always fully understood what I need and impact those conceptions with her dancing.

I will continue this story tomorrow. :P

Houese moving completed, and prepare back London soon

Hello Yang, Sorry I was away for couple of days. Today I just finished my house moving and make the wireless works again. It’s really difficult without internet at this moments.

I did not quite understand why you post a illustration with the Kite? Maybe I haven’t totally understand the meaning of the illustration, could you please give me a bit explanation about that?

At this moment all I did is unzip my bags from the old place and zip it again in my luggage, and my partner is arranging lots of daily stuffs form my arriving. It’s happy to see someone important to you again in short days, and I am also looking forward to having my latest interview for a gallery internship.

I am quite interesting about how did you think about gallery persons and curators? would you mind to give me some comments about those people and curators you had met before ? Because my work was covering both ot the two sides, it will be significant to know others feeling about people work in gallery and museums, thanks.

i found an image ,i thought is fishing dragonfly


inner rongqi,radio noise and water droping

[flickr video=4152406381]


[flickr video=4152400185]

rongqi 容器

there are so many things suggested to be good for female ,chinese red jujube、medlar、honey、longan、sesame、holothurian、     、、、、、  it is so difficult to be a female ,you need to take care so many things and eat so many thing for protect your beauty your healthy, haha : )

these days one sculpture of me and my friend sandra exhibite in xiamen CEAC fro celebrate the 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition,

and this work(rongqi 容器) was show  in shanghai in 2008 and will show in shanghai expo 2010 in swiss pavilion, it is about our study of local architecture of xiamen which influence by both local and west, and the influence was happen hundreds years ago, but this project is not only a imitation,we did something special in it make people happy, inside is a upside down matterhorn, the whole building  can breath slowly。this one is really big 8m height,10m long, 9m wide。003_

07i try to upload a short video about the rongqi to you but it doesnt work, i spent really long time on it ,shit, i use finall cut edit many time, only 16M and 70sec still can not upload,

after open day i dont have any energy to work,but i already have lots of projects to do in next year.

one of the project will deal with the violent relation between the museum or gallary space and audience, would be really cool and bloody piece.

Banana and Grape. Good to you

Hello Yang

Thanks for nice pictures of your work , and I hope I will got a chance to see your event pics shortly. Now I am preparing my backward trip to London. And start my new project shortly.

I will try banana tomorrow and just see will this fruit makes me happier.haha. Have you ever heard grapes are good for female? I am eating grapes while writing this entry. Still drifting on job seeking and an interview offered by contemporary gallery is awaiting for me on the 16th December. Hope everything goes well, for both of us.

Do you have any further plan after your present event?

some works of me

Yang Jian Yang Jian_911monument entrusted by Bin laden Yang Jian_Fake Mountain


Hi Bei : )

nice to hear you again,  open day is finished yesterday, i am so happy that i can relax. i didnt take any shoot about my studio, because some profesional fotographor would took for us, i hope he could make a good shoot, it is a pity i cant not share the image  with you, but i can show you images of the process.

Yang Jian Yang Jian

and long time ago i read from internet said that eat banana will make people happy.

How To Do The World’s Best Banana Trick

House moving etc.

Hello Yang, I was blocked by house moving and my internet had to shut down for past two days. Today is a gloomy Monday in my place. How interesting while I was seeing you agree with my opinion which creativity might because of happiness. Honestly, I respect other occasion of creativity. However, I insist my work should demonstrate some positive stuff rather than other mood. Actually I was keen to represent lots of negative emotion in my works, and I considered my work as  kind of self-relax. It means I can represent or describe my internal pressure via a external way.

Until February 2009, I meet my partner in London. My partner’s Idea of life shows a deep influence on me. This is the one who show me life is entirely worth to enjoy . I know this reason seems too personal but it is much more practical compare with other theoretical influence or social reaction. Due to I never consider myself as someone with wisdom, it always difficult for me to argue with the other. So I select a pure or personal form to demonstrate my understanding of love and life, then the curators or audience online told me this kind of stuffs could be entitled ‘art’.

For me, I just do whatever I agree with and then enjoy the result, sometimes it might not working. And sometimes people just consider my work as piece of childish products. Maybe that’s why I always apart from those ‘professional artists’ (who work with formal project one by one ). Obviously I respect any kind of art even I could understand very little about those (especially those contemporary one,haha). It is interesting to see the reaction caused by your own works from people. You can image your work becomes a magic mirror, maybe you got an unexpected reaction but who knows those detract action is worthless? In other word just image there is a Bomb entitled by your name, you fire it then see how many people survived.

Enjoy every piece of the whole procedure then I suppose you will be very happy and careless those ‘reaction’ from ‘formal audience’.

P.S I love those jokes you’ve told in last two dialogue. Classical!


i really admire you,you said you making work just for happy,that is what i lack and looking for, i  cannt said i always unhappy about work but the work for me alway like kind of burden。  i have a lot of ideas that i dont like to relize,not because they are not good but because it is difficult to carry out,so it is always bother me untill i realize it then i can kick it away.  so i always want to change my mind to become a happy person, to make somthing make myself happy from beginning till end.


hi Bei, haha : ) when you wrote “The way you talk is the very form of ‘fine art’ for me”  ,  let me really sweat a lot  :)       of course i aggree with you that “art ” is only little part of life,  i dont like to watch so many exhibition i dont like to see so many artist works around me (although i see a lot,but i really feel art is really boring to me, most of them(include us )making art more like masturbate only comfort themself)  so i try to avoid to read to see to meet all kind of things and people about art(but it is difficult), i read/do/see a lot beyond the so called “art world”, but in the end for me this is only the other “politial correct”as well as femilsim….and some other lism,    for me art is only a temporary job as well as anyother job, but i still found out myself sometimes  still quite involed in art–i pay too much attention to the reaction of my work from other people, just like yesterday i feel so upset about my work i think it is a piece of shit only beacuse some people doesnt show so much interestion in my work, and in the sometime i aware myself have this kind problem then i ask myself why you so naive–you are old enough to get rid of this kind of mood…  but i just canot do it.   i also found out that why i feel so upset is not only because my work also because i found out some other people make so fantastic work  ,i aks myself why you are not the genius just like other people, i always thought i am really not a wise person. but i know all these kind of mood is just come when you are in period. i reall doubting about “creative”, because you alway can found out your idea has already be deal with long time ago, only thing you can do is repeat in somehow..   and when i read a news about a science report said that every lonth of period (maybe 60000million years)the universe will die and born again then i really feel that all the human being all the art all the life lived before including confusious, budda, Einstein。。。。is worthless compare the 60000000000000000000000000000000 is nothing。 of course i know everypeople have this kind of similar  idea when he is really yound or 。。。。 but it still bother me alot, i thought people stupit as me will be bother always by these kind of problem。you said  “Basically I believe those academic words only existed in publications which belongs to the library”  i hope so,but so many boring people do benefit a lot in reality  by these words。

i dont like the intrudction about me ----。。。。against backdrop of comunist-capitalism society。。。。。 of course this is truth,but nobody when they introduce western people in china said they are from capitalism society,   i think some kind of truth is not need to say that again and again , like you can not introduce people from west said they are from democracy country which around 100 years ago they create a slave trading and  in the same time the people from they country enjoy much better “human right“   maybe you will ask me why you dont complain about that, i dont know maybe i just treat this as kind of cold humor。   like yesterday we talk about people in the history they eat fresh of other person,then a guy said that chinese dick must be  tastey because they are small : ) of course it is just joke ,but i thought that how do you know they  are small you must suck a lot chinese dicks :)  i am here not want to talk about west ,east  , history, just wrote what i thought in the moment, i dont think i am good enough to talk about this issue。



Hello Yang. The way you talk is the very form of ‘fine art’ for me. Sometimes I feel difficult to talk about my work because I never consider myself as someone bright.  I will depart from chongqing (my hometown) two weeks latter then back London for a job.

The way you writing is really critical and made me sometimes consider you as a curator :) As we know gender is always a sensitive issue, nevertheless, that is what makes this issue become so popular outwardly. Compare with others always talk about what is art and how will it going to be, I pay more attention in what I would like to present. It could be an existed feature, or just a gift for my partner. The theme which I concentrate on is less relevant to exhibitions and any other public events. The reason lighting my mind is I would like to creative something and feel happy. Alongside this willing, I just create my works gradually.

I should say that I quite like your sharp mood, this is most good creator’s attitude in my mind. Even what I did were most relevant to nymphean’s option. Personally I think it’s not so close to femalism or other —lism. Basically I believe those academic words only existed in publications which belongs to the library. :)


from yesterday my computer can not access the internet , so i only can use public computer,  today is first day of open everything is fine :)

i dont know anything about the singer,i will see some mv in youtube future, where are you now, in china? in sichuan?

i dont have really a clear idea of how i dealing with my works, they are all different, some are inspired by chatting, some are inspired by other people`s work.some are inspired by readings, some are just happened when i doing other things……..  some people say that through whole of his works there is one idea behind, and he said this is a mature artist would be, but i dont think so ,   i think human`mind are always unclear always chaos(maybe clear in some short moment )  if a person have a strong idea through his/her life then he/she must be a superman or he/she is lying or he/she got some problem inside his/her head,        and  if  a person do have this kind of idea then i think it is must be really boring and narrow,   and sometimes people brabra to me said you know there is a clue behind my work is …….    and he is so belive what he is talk about himself, then i think maybe he/she is brainwashed by himslef/herself,,,   hi  bei ,it is that ok i use “he” more than “she”, i dont know if you mind of this, i dont know much about femalelism but i guess maybe this will make people unhappy, haha: )   sometimes i dont like myself why i should think about so much boring questions


Hello Yang. i am sorry for hearing the disasters brought by your computer. I have met similar conditions 2 months ago. My latest project before Rio has completely ruined by this disaster. The Digital stuffs should really be stored carefully, my lost data is about 100 pics I took. The only thing I feel lucky is I did not start the Rio project at that moment, otherwise I must be  mad as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience on how to join a resident project, and i am also look forward to seeing your new film in short the future. Most of my creative experience were based on Manga and Animations. I feel I am good at re-creative themes from others. The work which selected by IAA entitled ‘Happy orgasm ‘was made in very early time. I was a big fan of Japanese Singer Shinar Ringo.

Shinar Ringo, Steam

Her music combines Jazz and Japanese Folk perfectly, on behalf of wonderful graphic design, she and her team demonstrate a strong and distinguish understanding of culture identity. From her case, I got a practical mode of how to exhibit my works. I don’t know whether most creative workers think about the exhibit form in advance or not, but I did that very often.

Shinar Ringo’s MV is a good case of inner- stage-setting. I made my first Narrative photo series OKAMA short latter. It is based on Japanese Manga OKAMA. Here are few samples of my work plus the original illustration. Basically that is my major working procedure.

Bei Yue

Bei Yue Bei Yue Bei Yue

working picture about “pigfat”

Yang Jian


these days i am in difficult time,so i can got mad easily and lost the patience for everyone,this new work really kill me alot, i got this idea 5years ago, and because it is impossible to realized before but i really like it  so it is bother me long time, 4months ago i decide to realized it, and i meet lots of problems and troubles( of course it is good experience in anther hand), i cant sleep well, but finally i made it one weeks ago, then the shit happened–i deleted everything by mistake , i almost collapse, i fell my fist open day in rijksakademie is already finished in that moment.  i want to kill  all the computers and cameras in the earth, then i calm down aks people  help me to rescue the data, we work together two days got nothing, actually we got something, the videos were separate to more than 2000files, i gave up, and redo everything, now i really take care of all the data ,every time saved in differrent place ,   now it is safe,   although i hate this experience,i should say that during the second time shooting i got some special things, and also gave me some more time to rethink it. i cannot say second is better than first time, but it is special in every time :  )   and now i really nervous about the equipments,  still have lots of problems waiting for me to deal with. if you ask me who i will meet next moment? answer is : problem.    when i meet problem ,i become Buddhist、Christian、Islamist….


i am sorry about yesterday

hi  bei , i am sorry that yesterday i could not reply more about it,  there are lots of resident projects whole of the world,some offer stipend some doesnt, some ranning longer time some short…..  normally you should apply for it one year or several months in advance,  and some resident project concentrate special discipline some open, and it is really up to different situation,  you can apply for it independently or a group.  different project ask for different conditions

rainy, two days before open day

rainy , got equipments in morning, still mass in studio, need to reedit the video, hope everything will be on time.

i am too tired to write something

these months ,i am working in my new video work called -pigfat, and i dont have enough time to sleep, this work will be finished in three days. 25th is the day for open artlier of rijksademie.


my personal website is under construction now, but i have a blog


this is the website of my residency place, you can check it: )


do you have your own website or kind of online portfolio? I am really interested to know how to join a resident project running by art center.

Would you mind to share how to take part in a resident project?
Shall we apply independently ? or there might be other options?

hi everyone!

yang jian now in : )


hi bei, how are you?

Hello Yang.

I will back London at the beginning of December. In London I am just about to work as a gallery person. My next project will be a photo series stimulate by my partner. The draft is still under construction but I put the name of Rio De Janeiro as the theme. It might nothing relevant to the landscape of this city. But it will emphasize the emotional cell of personal understanding.

in Amsterdam

HI everyone! i am in amsterdam now as an residency artist in Rijksademie, this moment i am working with my new video work .

Bei’s first

Bei Yue

First of all, I feel really excited to join this dialogue with the artists who is recommended by IAA. The core of my creative procedure is photography. However, it might not very proper to display myself as a photographer only.

Most of  my creative experience comes from ‘stage setting’. I was fascinated by those artificial landscape setting rather than grasp any moment via my shutter only. The nymphean flesh is the very point which stimulate my inspiration intensively. Furthermore, I consider nymphean flesh as kind of ‘media’ rather than ‘visual temptation’. It could be impact as various content via photographic way.

As a photographer, the most significant point to performing a creative role is ‘control’, this conception might be explained differently. For me, demonstrating the quality of color and light is my favorite point. A thematic topic is really essential while I am doing a fixed project. I believe that a photo series could be viewed as a ‘stable film’ .

Compare with  narrative videos, a photo series offers open space for visitor’s imagination. The photos may able to enchant audience’s understanding but never fix the direction where they may  heading to.



Welcome to imagine art after! Yang, Bei, where are you now? What are you up to?