Baptism in Bread | Andrew Sanyangore

How to find the perfect baker?

Baptism in Bread

Andrew Sanyangore

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On hold

It breaks our hearts to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances imagine art after will be on hold until further notice.


It feels so good to be back. It was a long breather and what a load of oranges.

Can anyone here me out there?

summer break

We will have a summer break until September.

Feel free to update your proposals if you wish. Have a good August!

For Breda


Get well soon.

Andrew and co


I had a long debate the other day with one of the technical guys to be involved in the filming. It was on the possibility of mixing animation and filmed footage.

Production and Budget

Production and Budget

Greetings. Silence means occupation. I’m currently busy with a design for a house of prayer. Two, to be precise. I’ve been meditating over the designs and drawing continuously for the past two weeks and have just lifted my head up from it all. You should see the site for the one in Rujeko!!! Wow. The survey for the Birmingham project is the main reason for my silence….but it’s progressed to near completion. It’s good when you can see the end. None the less…..the answers to the above!!!

1. Crew: The permanent crew will be a small one. 3-4 persons which is the bare minimum. This should cover the sound, lighting, filming and direction of the set. Budget – 1.0K

2. Equipment: A minimum of two cameras, digital and analogue storage, a sound recorder and a pair of lights. Budget – 2.0K

 3. Research, Casting: This should cover characters/places and context. I expect a solid cast of 8. With other characters floating in and out and must stress ‘the real’ aspect of the project means we’ll be filming characters insitu and already at one with their context….The film in a way reveals them to the world. Budget – 2K

4. Research, Shooting: Ideally 1 month. Now this period of one month does not have to be exhausted all at once but is to be spread over several months….at this point I envisage filming for 30 days over a 90 day period. Location – Starts in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Budget 2.5K.

 5. Footage: 8 hours is what’s envisaged for a film 1 hour long. This will cover establishing shots, cut outs and gap filling etc.

6. Post production: The team to cover this is ready. The equipment is there. 1K

7. Editing and production: 4 months, Oxford, UK. Budget 1.5K

8. Total Budget: 10K


pragmatic aspect of filmmaking

To be possible for us to understand the nature of your production, including production value, we need answers to following questions:

How many members of cast will you work with?

How big is the production crew (cinematographer, sound recordist, assistants…)?

What equipment will be needed?

How long will it take to cast the film?

How long will it take to shoot the film and where?

How many hours of footage do you anticipate?

Who will post-produce the film and where (editor, sound design)?

How long do you anticipate it will take to edit the film?

bit slow with getting back

it’s stupidly busy at this end – amongst many things, I’m still in the process of completing 5 films for my forthcoming show at Camden Arts Centre which opens on Thur 9 June. be great to see you at the private view!!!

Straight Answer

On Actors?

Do I ntend to work with  – Yes. These do not have to have previous experience at all….I’m most interested in ordinary people with no fixed views on how they expect things to be done…..

Have I got any experience with actors – No

simple answer pls

interesting take on how the process of filmmaking normally works. we would appreciate a straight forward answer – do you intend to work with actors?

Weaved Animation

Is it a fiction film?

The production is indeed going to be a short film. But let’s be clear about the genre. The genre is Spiritual Reality from spiritual realism as it derives from images generated from within the self. But all these images or a series of them will be weaved onto larger than life tapestries. The relationship between the final tapestry and the viewer is central to the production. The film itself will come from the recordings of the tapestries as they take shape till I find the perfect bread. Put together they should form a type of animation whereby the director’s hand is the sewer’s hand equipped with a needle and thread , set in different settings according to the direction of my travels. An image within an image if you like. In a way this should document my travels as the motion of the tapestry is dictated by the speed of the sewer whilst the pace of the change of the setting is based on the speed of my travels. I foresee the origin of the blank canvas being driven by the setting. The same should apply to the thread. In the final piece and film will weave together the content of the tapestries into a clear short film piecing together various images generated from my journey. The final piece is therefore a weaved docu-animation accompanied by a series of larger than life tapestries.

fiction film?

this looks like a fiction film. have you ever made a fiction film before? worked with actors?

How do you envisage the production. What will be shown?

How do you envisage the production. What will be shown?

My search for an answer to the question has yielded for in another dream I found myself walking along a familiar street behind a man carrying a crying baby in his arms. As we walked, we passed a Roman Catholic Cathedral surrounded by many protestors carrying placards. Within the Cathedral gates a procession of dogs with big purple sports walked quietly into the church. I had no time to really observe and understand what was going on because the man carrying the baby suddenly threw it to the ground. I rushed to pick it   up then instinctively proceeded to comfort it while licking its tears off its cheeks.   All this transpired as I walked past the church.  With the baby now quiet I came to what I somehow knew to be a filling station. However, it turned out all the pump attendants rather than filling up petrol tanks were baking round loaves of bread. Some were kneading the dough while others placed it into the oven. I continued to walk past but 3 men with trolleys waiting to collect the bread tripped me up and I fell on the baby. Worried about the well being of the baby I got up only to realise that I was no longer carrying a baby but 2 loaves of bread. I failed to understand what had happened to the baby I had been carrying.

The child once abandoned becomes found once in my arms. The protest occurs outside the bread of life’s house where many in this life receive the offering of flesh in the form of bread or more precisely a white thin disc made of wheat. Dogs in royal colours walk in unhindered while the masses protest outside.   The people bark while dogs march silently. The bread is an abandoned child or the abandoned child is the bread.  It is clear that the bread in the dream exists  but is non existent to perception through out only coming into perceivable existence at the very end. Being bread, its existence is no doubt impermanent but as everything unfolds to bring forth the bread , it somehow exists in each moment. Daily many walk on the strength derived from bread. Does the bread therefore not form  a part of the impermanent existence of the flesh.  Everything exists with fullest meaning within each moment of it’s existence.  The final outcome of any situation exists inherently within the flesh of successively unfolding moments. To attempt to separate out the outcome before the unfolding of successive moments is vanity surely. Such thought  must have it’s roots in ‘ want ’ – much like damming a river to store water over here at the expense of the life downstream. Water is very important, but so are those down stream. Pay particular attention to each moment. It is pregnant with your new self.

In another existence some people in rows of four could run across the sea at boat speed unaided. The abundant green was unlike anywhere I have ever been. It happened that in this place I found myself being asked to sit certain exams which I knew I had sat for at some point rendering the new sitting in my mind a meaningless waste of time. A friend suggested the same so it became clear that some force was being used to corner people into sitting the exam. I couldn’t identify it. Few wished to take part. As the discussion regarding the merits/ pitfalls of taking part ensued, there appeared men of war in full combat camouflage equipped with machine guns. As they walked past it was clear to perception that several had severed limbs but were aided by sophisticated prosthetics. They walked onto a bridge as if searching for something. Suddenly a great big four legged  being, black, with wings shot into the sky. A man of war fired his rifle towards the being but missed. The creature, spirit like had appeared to be flying but it was soon apparent that it was walking on thin air as if it was walking on an invisible thick pane of glass. One could perceive its footsteps. It was joined by other heavenly beings notably a group of what appeared to be  extremely long eared grey elephants which walked in the sky on thin air. It was obvious that great trouble had come and the soldiers kept firing their weapons to no avail. I remarked to someone standing next to me that the men of war had invested too much faith in their weapons and were clearly failing to recognize a much greater more powerful existence. With a great big swoop, the heavenly beings came down and gathered up all the wicked. Even the animals were not spared. Those left behind gathered to watch a long procession of all those gathered together by the heavenly beings. They  mourned the loss of their loved ones. I attempted to urge those lucky enough to remain to be still and quiet before the heavenly beings but bursts of emotion could not be restrained. My younger brother Tinayeishe whom I recognized suddenly made an emotional plea for his dog which was somewhere in the procession. It was returned to him. The friend I had discussed the merits/pitfalls of sitting the exam with, was also returned  after an emotional plea. To those remaining a message was delivered telling everyone to pray.  Those who did not now how to pray where referred to Mark.  A man called VaRugara was asked to read aloud the prayer within the Book of Mark.


Hi Andrew, can you tell a bit more about how you envisage this production? What will be shown?

Baptism in Bread proposal

Brief Outline
To be free is to live the life of your dreams. You can only discover the truth about yourself in your dreams because your waking life is full of vanity, compromise, doubt and lies. The life of your dreams is non attachment. So I am leaving earthly life to search for the dream to find the perfect baker and bread. The very products of my interaction along my journey with any being shall constitute art. No outcome shall be predestined as I am thought embodied, my actions and productivity shall be justified in whatever form. All dreams shall be documented and catalogued and a video diary to accompany the journey shall be produced the final product of this journey shall be the perfect bread. The Buddha found his enlightenment in a loaf of bread but it is written man shall not live on bread alone.

Emotion Behind the Project
In another dream I found myself walking along Citrus Avenue in my hometown near the ruins of the ancient city. A group of young men walked in front of me as we walked past a row of hospital beds arrayed along the street. The boys were met by a group of girls. A young man, Joseph left the group to play/dance with the group of girls. In a sudden motion the ground beneath crumbled to pieces and fell into the abyss. I flew to save Joseph. On grabbing his hand I began to fly skywards. After a long flight there appeared an amazing garden in the sky. At the entrance was Musikavanhu (God) in the form of a great dark coloured bird welcoming me and Joseph to paradise. ‘Uyo ndiMwari (That is God)’ were the only words that I spoke through out the journey. Musikavanhu in the form of the great bird then beckoned us to follow him. We did. He arrived at a spot, landed and transformed into the figure of a man and walked though a great door. Though this door was his angels pure and pure sitting at a great table arranging bread shaped as letters delicately. As they taught us this, Joseph asked me if this is what the gods did, and I told him that I was learning this for the very time.

Principal medium: Documentation of journey
Location(s) of production: Journey starting on Citrus Avenue, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Production budget indication: between £3,500-£10,000