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On hold

It breaks our hearts to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances imagine art after will be on hold until further notice.

summer break

We will have a summer break until September.

Feel free to update your proposals if you wish. Have a good August!



I think from what you write that you already know the answer … It is about your quest, no? Not about being the best impersonation …

Dress down

Im not sure how would i do that, how does one become someone else? one either takes on their appearance, or their behaviour, manners, words…Dressing …

Dress up

Hi Taus – wondering why you would need make-up and body-suits. Would it not be more interesting to just ‘be’ your grandfather without hiding behind …

Tsada proposal

Brief Outline
It’s a proposal that needs to be developed. I envision an installation made from video, slide projections, photographs and objects. It’s a project …