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On hold

It breaks our hearts to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances imagine art after will be on hold until further notice.

summer break

We will have a summer break until September.

Feel free to update your proposals if you wish. Have a good August!

Your show

Sounds great Breda! Can’t make it to the opening but will definitely go to see your show. I am also working hard on an exhibition …

bit slow with getting back

it’s stupidly busy at this end – amongst many things, I’m still in the process of completing 5 films for my forthcoming show at Camden …

Horn installation

I will make an installation with a fictional narrative run through it. It will tell a story about a British secret society inventing horn-shaped flying …

Horn timescale

Trip to Georgia

February – March 2011

Visiting festival Berikaoba.

Conversations with several Georgian house wives. Conversations with toastmasters and visiting several wine producing


what’s the timescale for the ‘Horn’ (I) research stage, and (II) production?


Sergei Parajanov I remember as a storyteller. Every time I visited him, he told me tales using objects. His house was full of things. It …


Hi Andro, will Parajanov’s filmmaking be influencing your visual style in any way?

Horn proposal

Brief Outline
The project is inspired by my childhood toy, a gift from filmmaker Parajanov: a mask of an animal/giant with horns that people normally …