Dialogue: Yang and Bei

nanjing 2

still doesn’t answer the question how is Ozu’s mediation on morality integrated in his idiosyncratic cinematic language…



hi breda, so the question now return to a view of artist, about the camera position as you know we can easily found a lot …

yep, Tokyo Story

is a meditation on morality. what about Ozu’s cinematic style?
what do you think determines the camera position in Ozu’s films?
(why is the camera …

Tokyo story, Ozu

Dramatic under peaceful surface, not solution gave by director.
Bad guy do bad things to good guy, bad guy doesn’t get any punishment,and good seems …


other international artists or filmmakers/directors in general (not imagine art after artists)

as a viewer

hi breda,  other people`s work , you mean the old works of other people in the dialogue or the proposal of them?


would it be possible to forget about your point of view as an artist for a moment? be great if you could let me know:…


what sleeps in the rock,

dreams in a plant,

lives in an animal,

i like these sentence,  and before i got suggestion that to read  …

shapes & souls

not sure how we got from crematoriums, smoke and glass to plants, animals and human beings… are you familiar with this:

“what sleeps in the …