Dialogue: Taus and Natalia

women role in ‘western society’

It’s a known fact that Muslim women, women from post soviet block and middle east are perceived to have predominantly traditional self-identities and social roles …

Ophelia carry on

the text you supplied a link for centers on religion as a bastion of patriarchal power, and references Catholic clergy (in Chile), and some Islamic …

First- Gender Role

from Wikipedia

A gender role is a theoretical construct in the social sciences and humanities that refers to a set of social and behavioral norms

Women and G-d


does G-d exist?

the question ‘Does God hate Women?’ implies that God exists, no?

Does G-d hate Women

Thus, I would like to stand up for Ophelia and get more specific avoiding speculations around my hypothesis about her being a best example of …


the iaa team is at it too (+ bit tired) – as for the london sunshine, we know cos we’re throwing glances towards a large …

no air no sunshine



research & development workin’?

love to keep the title

I really like to change the title into “Run Away with Ophelia”. Its brilliant! Thanks you Breda. Going to write you about (II) project in …