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Funk lessons

Bindu, take a look at this, Funk Lessons by Adrian Piper. What do you think? Also see this work by Senam Okudzeto.

It rained.

Nice to read from you Florence.Il y a longtemps !!. Well, you know I m a freak of wanting to do new things so I …

brief sharing with Perception of the world in my place…

On 13th Feb, I posted a response (scratching the right spot) to your photos of Int. Women’s Day in Cameroon.

I am delighted …

brief feedback….

Bindu, I was  thinking that My Indian Bride could work well on a website that used the approach of  Database Narrative. I have not done …

Re website

Nice to reda from you Bindu.Your proposal is just too lovely.It is very very interesting.I mean I never knew that there was such a fond …

reason , faith , passion

The heart which way ? The brain which choice?

1 Passion

2 Reason, faith , passion.

3 Intution

Didier de Masso.

Didier De masso

levels of awareness

Standing in the cup, many of them.

Different they were , in forms, in colour , in type, in effect produced.

They should have found …


Oldage brings about lonliness, especially women are more prone to it than men, more so since they devote their lives bringing up their families, and …

Perception of the world in my place : Proposal 2


culture and mentalisation; an outlet?

woman standing with box on her head contain things to be bought.Holding some plastic bag in her right hand …

My Indian Bride

there is a growing problem with NRI marriages.Many NRI’s  come to India get married and then abandon their brides. These brides are now being called …