Dialogue: Ideas for Proposals



Breaking the apple with your forehead! I remember that! I knew we were going to have a future together when you suddenly did that …

Bits of me.

If  only I could walk in air.

It s better than to walk on the ground.

Feeling time pass and still be here.

It will …

Change of arms//other arms //other weapons??

I just Found out there is a group of women that have been sewing their pain in the north of colombia. I am so amazed …


According to myth and legend, Lilith was the first woman, created before Eve. She was Adam’s absolute equal.

In the Garden of Eden, long before

Kali and Lilith

I have come across some interesting research which finds many similarities between the Indian Goddess Kali and Lilith, both of whom in todays contemporay times …


life// title

I don’t know how life works, but I know that everytime you are really engaged with some project or idea, life brings presents that are …

Proposal form

All our artists are invited to submit one or more proposals for new work, individually or collaboratively, by 1 April 2010. Please click here for …

Cuban proposal for project production


Text by Aneta Stojnić

It is always a bit delicate to write about the art project that is still a …