Dialogue: Hazem and Issam

collaborative proposals?


Hope all is well with the start of 2010, and you were/are inspired with your work.

I have been very busy with my design …

BLUE moon, New Ear

Hazem and all at IAA:

Cambridge BLUE moon, turning the last  pages of the 2009!

Wishing you many inspiring days in the coming year, and …

Russian Salad!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Throwing a handful of Russian salad over the net to you!

Let Us all end up face down in our own …

Happy new year/weaving/webs/net

When you feel everything is somehow connected and we are all joining a big net
life takes another meaning. This project is a big net

Happy New Year 2010 !

Best wishes for the coming new year !


Transmitter_BASE2F, by Yu-Chen Wang and Andro Semeiko, 2009

The future of my past


Hope you are awake now, and managed to celebrate your Happy,29th/30th birthday!

There was a suggestion to extend our conversation beyond tomorrow, thought I’d …

Today is my birth day!!

Today is my birth day

I was born in 29-12-1979, but my parents wanted to write on my identity card that I was born in …

story board, story book/s


Your visual poem is a good story board using stills,  I like the image relating to “a soft light has fallen on the ground …

I live in Syria 3

 She was sitting alone

 At the same time, in the other side he was sitting alone

 At the same time, he was enjoying eating his …

I live in Syria 2