Dialogue: Fikret and Denizhan

Happy new year/weaving/webs/net

When you feel everything is somehow connected and we are all joining a big net
life takes another meaning. This project is a big net

Happy New Year 2010 !

Best wishes for the coming new year !


Transmitter_BASE2F, by Yu-Chen Wang and Andro Semeiko, 2009


Denizhan, I am glad that you are back. I had lost my hope. 

So, did you see Gül Ilgaz? We were in Strasbourg together. And …

Dear Fikret,

I am very sorry for my late answer. As you know I am very busy like you. 8 of December I went to …

Some Remarks..

Hi Denizhan,

How are you? Hope everything is going OK. I think that you are getting ready for your show in London. Am I right? …

Photos_Who is the King of the Ring???

Hi Denizhan,

How are you? Where are you at the moment? These are the photos taken during the shooting of my new video “King of …

Batman and…

Hi Denizhan again,

I am very sorry for my late reply. I was talking about my “living abroad” experience in Paris. It was a good …

Hi Fikret

Hi Fikret,

Couldn’t write you for a while,  as I mentioned before I was in Canakkale to shoot a new video.

I’ve done some research …

Nice to hear from you.

Hi Denizhan,

I am glad that you are now back to the dialogues. I am also on my way back home to Turkey, Batman from …

Dear Fikret,

Sorsy I didn`t write to you quickly. As you know when we start to dialog I was in the Canakkale for my new …