Dialogue: Adriana and Monica

looking for Monica

I’ll chase Monica… meanwhile, be good if you could think about how the ‘embroidery & memory’ projects relates to NOW


where is Monica now?
I’ve been thinking about historical memory and the way to use embroidery as a way of keeping this memory. Please Monica …

a man displaced

a woman sited?

Tzvetan Todorov

I’ve been reading Todorov this last days. “Abuses of memory” and something like “the displaced man” (“El hombre desplazado”, but I wouldn´t know the exact …


animation, embroidery, women, residence, portraits.

Let me elaborate on that. I have been very busy but things are starting to boil.

Speak soon.



‘The Bayeux Tapestry’

70 meters long embroidered cloth — not an actual tapestry — which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England as well …

Thoughts for new project

Dear M
How are you??
what are up to? what do you think about this next step!?

I am very excited!!! I have some ideas, …

‘divine intervention’

in relation to your desire “to say something about all this violence in a way in which you can transform pain…” check what Elia Suleiman, …

El Salado/ massacres/risk and resilience

Good morning Dear Monica

I saw the complete documentary and believe me it stroke me, I took some notes and a gave it a time …

next step

Hey Adriana,

How are things at the residence?

cooking nice healthy food, I guess.

Have you checked the set of instructions for the next stage …