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another idea

it is about a way to read an forbidden book or information. and it is a useless way.

smell sculpture,

found an  forbidden book for …


Hi Breda, i think i misunderstood your question from the begining.

When i re-read the question, i think i couldn`t give the answer, it is …

mediation on morality

Hi Breda,,About the mediation on morality,  i dont have special ideal about it and i never  think about his film from this aspect, i like …



hi breda, so the question now return to a view of artist, about the camera position as you know we can easily found a lot …

Tokyo story, Ozu

Dramatic under peaceful surface, not solution gave by director.
Bad guy do bad things to good guy, bad guy doesn’t get any punishment,and good seems …

as a viewer

hi breda,  other people`s work , you mean the old works of other people in the dialogue or the proposal of them?


what sleeps in the rock,

dreams in a plant,

lives in an animal,

i like these sentence,  and before i got suggestion that to read  …

3 form

Thanks Breda about the footage : )

i think about  the shape of soul  in three, one is from human, one from animal, one from …

shape of soul

i will study about two crematories in amsterdam, one is for animal one for human.

the idea is leading the smoke of cinerator to glass …