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shape of a soul

shape of a soul 灵魂的形状

rough budget

agenda building and office stuff                                          1900 euro

glass making expert and equipment and material          4800 euro

construction in animal crematory                                       2500euro

transport :  tickets, stuff …

hi Eline

Hi Eline,  thanks for your suggestion, acturally i already sent the email including what you said to crematory before, but havent get any reply.  And …


the sequence of my project was wrong.  waiting the crematory`s permission is hopeless.

the reasonable sequence is first  finding the people who aggree that i …


yes, i agree with you about that.

But what i want to say is if i only show the glass shape and the sound installation …

unnecessary opposition

Hi Breda,    em, i dont think it would be affacted by the change,

as i wrote before , the exhibition content and way of the …


the production process will be:

1 studying of two crematories in amsterdam ( now still waiting for the permission of research in  crematory)

a: sound …


besides animal and human i also try to catch the shape of soul of plant.

there is a story about a plant which as an …


a mouse died in my wood by himself