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Revisiting Brangelina

Breda, Im not saying its irrelevant, im saying that the character can be almost anyone/with relative depth of course. What im saying is that Ophelia …

Revisiting Ophelia

Breda, because the project is not invested with Ophelia character, it is invested with 6 women characters with their subjectivity/experiences/research,learning and dialogue skills. As Natalia …

I and II

FurBall(I) is intended like a single-screen video. (II) Why an environment for a gallery space, because i want the viewer to be able to experience …

Whats in it for me

It’s the easiest way to remodel my present, Eline, to remodel and extend my existence, like leaving passport photos of yourself behind couches, under carpets, …


I have caught up with your dialogue and im interested in what you are talking about, but i think it is different. Because you are …


Hello Ana, Breda, Natalia!

Natalia good to have you back! About your proposal/what do you see as the end product? Will you be showing works …


Wanted to share some images of my weekend trip to Suzdal.

Just an ordinary house. I like how the birds occupied the architecture.

Fairy tail …


Dear Ana,

So, the time has come) I bring Dagestan brandy, wine and Kizlyarka-grape vodka) we can break the apples with our foreheads!

I used …

Come back from the dead

Ana the Russians are waiting))) i liked the way you put it “Moving in with the Russians”

Well i have some sort of muscle seizures …

Moving in!

ANA why dont you move in here with US)))

We can gossip about night-gowns and talk art!