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Obscured, Displaced, Unheard and X-rayed and invitation to Modern Times

I had very encouraging meeting with the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum,  have planned meeting with Marshal Airport to expierment with the coulor x-ray machine,  planned …

Obscured, Displaced, Unheard and X-rayed


And any feedback from you would be very wellcome.


Obscured, Displaced, Unheard and X-rayed

In 2007 I ran a workshop, at the Cambridge Botanic Garden, with eleven refugees from seven different countries – Albania, Iran, Moldova, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Eritrea …

collaborative proposals?


Hope all is well with the start of 2010, and you were/are inspired with your work.

I have been very busy with my design …

BLUE moon, New Ear

Hazem and all at IAA:

Cambridge BLUE moon, turning the last  pages of the 2009!

Wishing you many inspiring days in the coming year, and …

The future of my past


Hope you are awake now, and managed to celebrate your Happy,29th/30th birthday!

There was a suggestion to extend our conversation beyond tomorrow, thought I’d …

story board, story book/s


Your visual poem is a good story board using stills,  I like the image relating to “a soft light has fallen on the ground …



I wanted to send you my congratulations for winning  a production support for your documentary (Childhood of the place) and that your name is …

at last!

Just managed to find some images of my half-room.


snow outside, hidden sundial!

some images of the outside snow at home.

But I am thinking about sundials!

Did you know that there is one hidden sundial in Damascus! …