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summer break

We will have a summer break until September.

Feel free to update your proposals if you wish. Have a good August!

What Lies Within proposal

Brief Outline
What does 13 year old Unathi know, what is she supposed to say and how does she react when her own father rapes …

Tsada proposal

Brief Outline
It’s a proposal that needs to be developed. I envision an installation made from video, slide projections, photographs and objects. It’s a project …

Song for Zimbabwe proposal

Brief Outline
Song for Zimbabwe presents the extraordinary story of ordinary Zimbabwean women living Wales. These women, all Mothers, have found freedom and safety far …

Shape of Soul proposal

Brief Outline
I will study about two crematories in Amsterdam, one is for animal one for human.

The idea is leading the smoke of cinerator …

Pride proposal

Brief Outline
Pride is a series on men’s hair barbers and the spaces in which they operate across west Africa. Though hair barbing is considered …

I eat dirt… proposal

Brief Outline
A series of fascinatingly nauseating performances about eating flowers and of vomiting, to be performed in a variety of situations, with varying motivations. …

Horn proposal

Brief Outline
The project is inspired by my childhood toy, a gift from filmmaker Parajanov: a mask of an animal/giant with horns that people normally …

FurCar proposal

Brief Outline
This is a project that grew out of my FurBall proposal on the IAA website. It is an Intervention with anthropological research of …

Baptism in Bread proposal

Brief Outline
To be free is to live the life of your dreams. You can only discover the truth about yourself in your dreams because …