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Hi Yang, can you explain a bit more about why you are looking at an animal crematorium as well as human? Do you want to …


Hi Andrew, can you tell us a bit more about how you envisage the production process?


Hi Ana, can you expand a bit on the title, and the ‘dirt’? How do flowers relate to dirt?


Hi Andro, will Parajanov’s filmmaking be influencing your visual style in any way?


Hi Taus – can you expand a bit about the mock adverts of the luxury cars? How do you feel they are needed in this …


Hi Andrew, can you tell a bit more about how you envisage this production? What will be shown?


Hi Adriana, can you say a little more about the title ‘Arms Trade’? You had another title earlier when you started thinking about the project …

Funk lessons

Bindu, take a look at this, Funk Lessons by Adrian Piper. What do you think? Also see this work by Senam Okudzeto.

london lagna indian bride

when you talk about investigating ‘misrepresentations of cultural practices in contemporary art’ can you be more precise? and are you really questioning it by recreating …

past & present

what’s in it for the audience, or rather what’s in it for you? what does re-staging the past say about the current Taus?