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what’s the timescale for the ‘Horn’ (I) research stage, and (II) production?

production time & place

what’s the ‘Cambio de Armas’ production time? how long will it take to make the 15m embroidery?

where will the production take place?

rainbows, sensors

check this out:

In-Between Lives

as I understand, you intend to engage with THREE characters: “to provide new insights to cultural hybridity, and how new identities, personalities are …

Obscured, Displaced, Unheard and X-rayed

think it’s best to await response from potential participants in the project.

love occupation

imagine art after is about much more than building bridges (just like love stories are about much more than ‘boy meets girl’). I’m all for …

love occupation

not sure about the pink tank-flower-rainbow power (which is basically a safe velvety rebellion against any governmental/military power in general) and it’s ability to address …

Obscured, Displaced, Unheard and X-rayed

my understanding is that the project is currently awaiting response from UK based artists/filmmakers.

large embroidery

iaa will require a project (working) TITLE by 1 April.

The BUDGET should reflect the realistic cost of the specific activity you intend to undertake, …


a very strong project, Adriana. it would be good to start thinking about the pragmatic aspect of the production (budget?). also, what’s the title?