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Your show

Sounds great Breda! Can’t make it to the opening but will definitely go to see your show. I am also working hard on an exhibition …

Horn installation

I will make an installation with a fictional narrative run through it. It will tell a story about a British secret society inventing horn-shaped flying …

Horn timescale

Trip to Georgia

February – March 2011

Visiting festival Berikaoba.

Conversations with several Georgian house wives. Conversations with toastmasters and visiting several wine producing


Sergei Parajanov I remember as a storyteller. Every time I visited him, he told me tales using objects. His house was full of things. It …


Hi Breda and Luka,

Here are first developments of my idea for the IAA proposal. Let me know what you think if you find time.…

Spring has come to Berwick, feels so fresh, making new work

some pics of new paintings related to ideas for my proposal


Making individual works

I looked at you work in catalog of Artisterium and I like your scientific approach to ideas. I think you should definitely come up with …

Politics or no Politics

thanks for the link, its interesting. It makes me think whether I want to deal with politics in the work for IAA project, maybe its …

Building Bridges

Hi Breda,

Thank you for the helpful comments.

I do not think of it as a rebellion and I do not want the project to …

Love Occupation and Artists travels

The rocket can carry things to Georgia using Electromagnetic Rainbow. For example my colleges and very good artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich who work …