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It feels so good to be back. It was a long breather and what a load of oranges.

Can anyone here me out there?

For Breda


Get well soon.

Andrew and co


I had a long debate the other day with one of the technical guys to be involved in the filming. It was on the possibility …

Production and Budget

Production and Budget

Greetings. Silence means occupation. I’m currently busy with a design for a house of prayer. Two, to be precise. I’ve been meditating …

Straight Answer

On Actors?

Do I ntend to work with  – Yes. These do not have to have previous experience at all….I’m most interested in ordinary people …

Weaved Animation

Is it a fiction film?

The production is indeed going to be a short film. But let’s be clear about the genre. The genre is …

How do you envisage the production. What will be shown?

How do you envisage the production. What will be shown?

My search for an answer to the question has yielded for in another dream I …

Road Movie?


Just to make sure I understand, Andrew, your proposed project is a documentary film/video?


Indeed. The Documentary film/ vid will document my social …

On Want

Someone said a long time ago ‘the lord is my

shepherd I shall not want. I live by the dictates

of the soul of  the …

Art and budget


Art is a product of the will’s interaction with the language of the and soul of the world otherwise it becomes out of sync …