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The photographs views is virtually not different from the video. But the video have much flexibility in points of view.

The photographic aspect of the project is rather independent from the video although they are meant to address the same theme (Pride).
My intention is …

Production envisage

Field Work
During the production process I intend to visit two regions of each of the West Africa countries with focus on their major cities. …

My eyes my world

Hello Titus, your last proposal sound experimental and great for me. I like to see how it progress.
As for my second project Idea.
I …

Bridging Bridges.

Hello Titus,
How is the going? I am good and busy , busy.. preparing for my travels soon.
I want to apologies for my long …

msg from andrew

Thanks for the message Titus and I agree with you. The situation of the country is very frustrating. But we just have to carry on …


Hey Bro,
Great to know you are back home. I hope you have good time here. I am fine and taking things slowly. Welcoming friends …

My World

How far?
Bros how is the going?
Quiet some time time. I hope all is well.
I am good only that life has been rather …

wedding party

Art for change

Bros, How far… greetinsg from Lagos. How are you doing?I hope all is kicking well with you.

I am fine and busy, busy anf crazy …