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I eat dirt to be close to you

Drawings and thoughts from a proposed series of performances about eating flowers and throwing up.

Somewhere between compelling desire and complete disgust, eating flowers is  …



Breaking the apple with your forehead! I remember that! I knew we were going to have a future together when you suddenly did that …



I’m here, finally. I swear, it’s been with me, sort of on my forehead, for past couple of weeks, to move in! Last thought …

Move in g

I’ll be here tomorrow night.



Moving Out


Moving in with the Russians… for a while. I hope you don’t mind.

I left the lights on and some delicious food, all over …

Thank you…everyone.




It might be London and Belgrade? Having read more information about your work made me realise how heavily specific ‘Tempo’ and ‘Lily’ in particular are …

You and I

Dear Danilo,

I have the impression that our dialogue throughout has been probematicised by one or another form of misunderstanding and misreading of one another …

Like when Nabokov wrote “Again, I must have been wrong, twice.”

Danilo Danilo,

Sitting at the table in the caravan, I find a note from the other night that says *write to Danilo, and then …

‘Live Press’

I’m out tonight making a ‘live press’ performance for the second time this week as one of the Ladies of the Press* (together with Renee …