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We will have a summer break until September.

Feel free to update your proposals if you wish. Have a good August!
  1. Brenda Bikoko posted the following on August 27, 2010 at 10:28.

    My name is Brenda Bikoko. I am a curator for Binlupa a npo in Belgium. We are working on a project for a artbook with female artists. The artist’s work in different disciplines on a theme and concept of their choice. When all projects are done, we will make a conclusion of what is created. For a project with a Dutch writer Judith van der Wel we are looking for someone who want’s communicate (writing, photography, film,…) with her. The process will be published. To give an idea on the content you can read a translation of the last Essay Judith published (Winner Multatuliprize 2010). If you want to join our project please feel free to mail us:

    Best Multatuli,

    Now you’re white and become more relaxed in life and limb, you called ‘Director of the association for Contemporary Affairs – Division of (Post-) Kolonialiteit and Interculturalism. In that capacity, I would like advice on how Dutch deal with foreigners. So certainly if you 150 years ago William sued, so I am reluctant, however, in my writing. I am now 26 years, after my high school I studied everything I wanted, but I have less than you seen the world. You broke your training at the Latin school and sailed for India. I did not agree. I enjoyed Latin, Indian and Oeroeg dunes. I dreamed it, including my grandfather’s beloved India, but between then and later was a sea of time. I still do not have flown to the ocean to visit the country where my family lived. I am a swimmer dry, and so I need your advice
    Netherlands since your death looks different, it I must first inform. But to start using your trademark: coffee is now available in all sorts, from espresso to latte macchiato, and Lauriergracht has changed from a street in a popular street for young, successful businessmen. When you are walking down the street, you see cars – a kind of coaches who run on oil – and you see people who talk over long distances using a portable machine. Maybe you’re a feminist and as a proud atheist when you notice that today the majority of women earn an income and there are churches which have grown supermarket or bicycle, because there were too few worshipers. These observations appear only on the outside of the society to go on abstractions such as technology, globalization, emancipation, secularization, and so on. These developments, people have changed.Have you seen the people? They are bigger and fatter, they have different skin colors, wear clothes in various styles. If you address them, you’ll notice that they speak different languages and have different religions and sexual preferences. The variation among the Dutch population has widened. Many Dutch think that’s fine as far as their freedom of choice increases, if only between a herring sandwich and falafel. On the other hand, some Dutch too scared of that diversity. What does it have to be Dutch? Will not lose our culture? Where are the limits? Some people say they feel that they no longer live in the Netherlands now, most residents of their neighborhood immigrant (read: non-Dutch origins) are. This native Dutch feel threatened, especially if they are called a ‘whore’ or ‘dirty gay’. At the same time feel that foreigners also called long that the word “immigrant” has become stigmatized as “nigger” and “liplap ‘that used to be. Where are these people at home as they have become alienated from their country of origin but in the Netherlands nor desirable
    I probably attack you with these difficult questions. Finally, you are only just become director of the association for Contemporary Affairs, after getting more than a century have been. Yet I believe that this situation can not entirely strange, because she resembles the situation you describe in your Max Havelaar. Even when Dutch were strangers to their teeth to their own identity. Do you remember how superior to the Dutch drew up against the Javanese who uncivilized natives, whose skin still in hell would be stripped off? Remember when they laughed at those natives who the letters g and h could not get together while trying to put that right by the Dutch Arabic influenced? And they found that the Dutch had to adapt Mrs Shawlman when she wore a sarong in the Jordaan?
    For the rest of the essay please contact me