Production and Budget

Production and Budget

Greetings. Silence means occupation. I’m currently busy with a design for a house of prayer. Two, to be precise. I’ve been meditating over the designs and drawing continuously for the past two weeks and have just lifted my head up from it all. You should see the site for the one in Rujeko!!! Wow. The survey for the Birmingham project is the main reason for my silence….but it’s progressed to near completion. It’s good when you can see the end. None the less…..the answers to the above!!!

1. Crew: The permanent crew will be a small one. 3-4 persons which is the bare minimum. This should cover the sound, lighting, filming and direction of the set. Budget – 1.0K

2. Equipment: A minimum of two cameras, digital and analogue storage, a sound recorder and a pair of lights. Budget – 2.0K

 3. Research, Casting: This should cover characters/places and context. I expect a solid cast of 8. With other characters floating in and out and must stress ‘the real’ aspect of the project means we’ll be filming characters insitu and already at one with their context….The film in a way reveals them to the world. Budget – 2K

4. Research, Shooting: Ideally 1 month. Now this period of one month does not have to be exhausted all at once but is to be spread over several months….at this point I envisage filming for 30 days over a 90 day period. Location – Starts in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Budget 2.5K.

 5. Footage: 8 hours is what’s envisaged for a film 1 hour long. This will cover establishing shots, cut outs and gap filling etc.

6. Post production: The team to cover this is ready. The equipment is there. 1K

7. Editing and production: 4 months, Oxford, UK. Budget 1.5K

8. Total Budget: 10K