memory as a place to create

Last meeting with Casa de la Mujer, was extremely interesting. I think I figured out the size of this task.
First because I was thinking to work with the women they will put me in contact with…but I didn’t want to make a special selection. I was not thinking over if I wanted to work with afrodescendants, indigenous, peasants, young or old women…. I wasn´t really thinking about it…. but they put the question right away over the table. I think is fair and interesting for me to give it a thought. I also have to consider very well how many women would take part in the making of this “memorial”.

So, I would like to cover a broad variety of women, afro, indigenous, peasants, etc… I will like to work with women between 25 and henceforth. I also considerer that it should be over 50 women even a hundred, nor less, because is in that diversity that one can make sense and make an statement, an stronger political act. Now, what frightens me is first having the strenght to listen, because that is what I am offering: listening and acompanny, of course I will also like to start an experience that they can continue without me: a space, a place to gather and talk about their lifes and sorrows and make something of it, something creative, rather than lamenting or ignoring it, it could be assumed as an stimulant to create.

Another fact I have thought of, is that threads won’t have knots at the begginings nor the ends, they will be loose and needles will stay attached to the fabric, as a signal of each women that have participated and also because it is a way to recall the fragility of memory and a way to say that what we do (embroidering) is vulnerable to change always to change.

to be continued…