Casa de la mujer// Cambio de Armas

Today I had a very interesting meeting with casa de la mujer. At first they asked what I expected of them. I told them my interest was their connection with women, and taking part of a process, and have some guidance for taking this project to this very particular women around Colombia. Also I feel that their experience is richful for me, with hardly any social experiences at all. They have been working for about 20 years and they have different work groups. One of them (the newest group in fact) is Historical memory; cambio de armas, would take part on the process of historical memory, as part of the development of their own projects. The other “tools” they used for historical memory, are photography, music and now emboridery.
The goal of historical memory, is to make history with a greater sense, and inclusion. To help women understand their role, their place, their compromise towards their situation.
Any way, their proposal is they would help if I include the project into their projects and process, but my proposal now is maybe I can star with them, and move on towards other groups of women, and make this project “by pieces”, and not, as I was conciving it : making the whole piece at once, making a single journey through the colombian territory. Maybe I can do it in pieces.
Now about funding, they can help me but until monday they would tell me what this implies… I think it is important to make a distintion between the place tin which that would put me… I am not sure, if i would be just somebody giving an embroidery workshop through historical memory, or me as an artist, this being a project that is born deep in my heart…. I would like to loose this place….

Now, they are very interest that I work with women that already familiarized with embroidery, which is interesting, although I would also like to work with women that have no experience with embroidering at all….
This is all, getting some shape, and I am very excited to work with women around Colombia!!

I’ll be telling you some more, next week after our next meeting with casa de la mujer!!