I would like to know on which dates can we start to develop the project, I have finally set up a meeting with Casa de la mujer for this friday, because its a day when they are all here in Bogotá… But I have not a clear idea of when would the projects can take place, are they ment to be start next year, this year….??
I ‘ve been counting to start this project as soon as possible, meaning this year; because I know that if I posponed this project too much it would be very difficult to make it real…but I dont have clarity on the dates on which the projects should be develop…And I think I really must know this in order to organize it with Casa de la Mujer.

Now, I am thinking to use about 2 months to develop the project; because I have come to realize that I cannot simply come and make the participants embroider. They must go through a process of reflection, analysis, and development of what their experience has been. They also need to have confidence on the project, because there are many NGOs there, and people, and they mostly feel use… and also, see how much free time they have for this task.

I havent say anything until now, because I’ve been trying to get together with the women from casa de la mujer, with little success, they are constantly travelling around Colombia, and it’s very seldom they are altogether at the same time in their office; In order to ask them how are the women organized, how do they work with this women. From what they have told me, I know that for many of the women, it is difficult to talk about their experiences, but I also know that they need to do it, that they need to be listen and although I am not going to solve their situation, I would like to give them the space to speak up.
This friday we will fix the places, my goal is to travel south, north, east and west, to cover the colombian territory, but one or maybe two towns for each direction, although I feel Its better not to rush anything, and to stay in one place in order to get to know the people better, and understand the situation.
I would also like to be accompanied by a man I met recently, he has a broad experience in working with War “victims” ( one thing he says is that is not healthy to use this word), making workshops for reconstructing people’s dignity and sense of life. working with him could be interesting for me, because of his experiences, because I know before embroidering, there are other things that should take place, as I say before, reflection, and My aim is that this experience will be helpful and of course a healing experience for both parts: me and them.
I have give a lot of thought about this, offering my ears to listen, my heart, my eyes, my presence. I feel that the only way I can do something for war, and to deal with it, is by doing something like this, in a way almost forgetting about me, and giving them all the space and opportunity to express their deep sorrows. I have been preparing for this in a very spiritual way, because I think this is the only way to handle such a task, which is not an easy one.
I do hope I can make this project work out.