unnecessary opposition

Hi Breda,    em, i dont think it would be affacted by the change,

as i wrote before , the exhibition content and way of the two situation (really happen and ficiton happen) are same. eventhough i get the permission of  cunstruction and smoke collection, i still dont want to create a show that too directly,  too much information, or i say over information. and i think  this project could easily give audience the feeling by some agreement papers and some “photos” and sound and the soul, if they could use a little bit imagination。And of course i can`t see the importance to say this is fiction or really happended.

but i feel it is a difficult question when i think about the question of  fiction and documentary?  Is it important to realize a project in a documentary (i mean everything is really happened) way?   i think it is really depends. As i think it is really about what you would like to relay more: the weight of life more or the concept more ?  of  course sometimes there is compromise or fear or laziness mix in the process of making decision. But i always think about that the beautiful way to touch the heavy theme is in lightest way. Is it true, maybe for audience the result is same ,but for the people who make the choice it is totally different, maybe he/she miss the very important part of project,  the importance between process and result?  but maybe all of above it is just a nonsense confusion. I made a unnecessary opposition between life and concept,between process and result,between the fiction and documentary….

what do you think?

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