Horn installation

I will make an installation with a fictional narrative run through it. It will tell a story about a British secret society inventing horn-shaped flying and spying objects for infiltrating Georgian moment of happiness.

It will contain paintings of Georgian festivals, celebrations and toasting ceremonies referring to paintings of Niko Pirosmani, and a handmade book of recipes and stories I will collect in Georgia.

Andro Semeiko

Niko Pirosmani

Andro Semeiko

Berikaoba festival

There will be a model of the flying object Horn with a build in sci-fi interior. During the exhibition it will produce a faint sound of Georgian chorus singing.

I will paint a series of portraits of the secret society referring to 17th century English portrait poses symbolising status and power. They will integrate horn as a motif.

To combine my interest in painting and object making I will create painterly masks. Some with the horns on them similar to the mask Pradjanov gave me. They will be worn by the secret society for the re-enactment of the Georgian moment of happiness during their gathering around the model of the Horn. They will read out poetic Georgian toasts and will sing polyphonic Georgian songs. This will be follower by a housewife/grandmother offering unique Georgian dishes to the viewers. The event will be recorded and presented during the exhibition alongside the model, the paintings and the book.

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