Weaved Animation

Is it a fiction film?

The production is indeed going to be a short film. But let’s be clear about the genre. The genre is Spiritual Reality from spiritual realism as it derives from images generated from within the self. But all these images or a series of them will be weaved onto larger than life tapestries. The relationship between the final tapestry and the viewer is central to the production. The film itself will come from the recordings of the tapestries as they take shape till I find the perfect bread. Put together they should form a type of animation whereby the director’s hand is the sewer’s hand equipped with a needle and thread , set in different settings according to the direction of my travels. An image within an image if you like. In a way this should document my travels as the motion of the tapestry is dictated by the speed of the sewer whilst the pace of the change of the setting is based on the speed of my travels. I foresee the origin of the blank canvas being driven by the setting. The same should apply to the thread. In the final piece and film will weave together the content of the tapestries into a clear short film piecing together various images generated from my journey. The final piece is therefore a weaved docu-animation accompanied by a series of larger than life tapestries.

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