the production process will be:

1 studying of two crematories in amsterdam ( now still waiting for the permission of research in  crematory)

a: sound recording

b:try to get permission of family who would like to give the smoke of their family member when  their use cremation.( sorry about my english)

c: try to get permission of construction in crematory

2 studying of glass making,to find out which is the best way to catch the smoke for glass.

3 show the glass shape of soul and sound installation and agreement papers

There are two solution to fit two situation.

First: i get the permission  then everying would be carry out as above.

Second: if i dont get the permission( 89% i couldn`t get permission of construction in the crematory and use of smoke)

the result would be the same. Only the process would be totally fictious. I will make a  documents by myself  such as :agreement paper,pictures…..  to make people believe that it is really happened( and i think maybe happened or not happened it is not different)

and i will cooperate with glass makers to produce the shape of soul in the very strict and reasonable way.

sound installation:  motive metal piece , speaker

Although the result of Two solutions would be similar,the cost would be different, the second one compare first one would be  cheaper.

The rough budget will include  five parts:

1  glass making : hire one or two glass maker,rent studio ,material

2  sound installtion : technic expert of electric and metal, material

3   the living and working cost  of me

4  the construction (if get permission) : material ,workers,mechine

5 works` transport from amsterdam to uk