Production envisage

Field Work
During the production process I intend to visit two regions of each of the West Africa countries with focus on their major cities. The idea of working in cities is to use the project as a way of investigating the use of urban spaces in Africa cities through the barber hair salons and its environs because rarely are African urban spaces being reflected globally.
In each of these regions I intend to spend a minimum of two working days taking video and still pictures that include:
Portraits of before and after the barber customers’ hair are being cut. This could be helpful in investigating the evolving indentify they realise through the hart cut process.
I am interested to find out the various status or identity people that could be attached to as a result of their hair cut style. For instance, through the hairstyle some people could be perceived belong to certain culture and class in the country.
I want to also know why people also choose to have certain haircut on them. What does it mean to them? Does it bring a sense of pride or confidence to them? I hope the above practice will add layer in project of documenting various hair cut styles in West Africa.
Also, I intend to make environmental portraits of the hair barbers. That is , putting their working space in context. I am also keen to know why they choice to be a barber, what does the job mean to them and what sense of fulfilment they derive from the job.
Importantly, I intend to keep my mind open to other idea that could come on during this fieldwork while maintaining the idea of the Pride project.
During the production process I intend to meet and share ideas with other artists working in countries I will be visiting. This could be helpful in getting better understanding in the their environments and society that I will be working. I am thinking of making this artist contact through the various art institutions or association in the countries.

Off Field works
On my return my tentative idea is come up with a multi media (video + still) series and a Still photo series.
The multimedia will include and good mix of all the sound, imagery and moments I have been able to capture during the trips. The piece should be suitable for video show, online and TV broadcasting.
For this still pictures I intend to have a fine mix of duo Portraits of each barber customers and the environment portrait of the barbers and the space they works from. This could be suitable for Print Show, Book publication and other editorials.
That is that for now. I will be glad you could give me your comments and advice.
Best regards.