Andro Semeiko
Sergei Parajanov I remember as a storyteller. Every time I visited him, he told me tales using objects. His house was full of things. It was February when me and my Dad dropped by his place. He offered us tea and when we were about to leave he got out this mask and asked me to try it on. He told me that it was used many years ago in a festival called Berikaoba, which no longer existed. (Soviets banned it but it was revived couple of years after he gave me this mask). Sergei told me that people wearing it would dance, sing and walk round the houses and be offered food and wine. Their visit meant good luck, rich harvest and happiness to the people. This mask is a little bit unusual for Berikaoba though. It looks like a bull as well as Davi; a giant from Georgian fairy-tales. It was made by Mose Toidze, a well known Georgian artist as I later found out from my Dad.
Methods of Parajanov’s storytelling and its rigour would be great to explore and maybe to adopt some for my project.
  1. Adriana Berrio posted the following on May 12, 2010 at 22:34.

    nice story!