besides animal and human i also try to catch the shape of soul of plant.

there is a story about a plant which as an important family member died by unknow reason, and the family insist use the same way as human to treat the plant, they make the formal ceremony and then  cremate the body of the plant.

i imagine when the three shapes exhibited, there would be not any marks to show which is human which is plant and which is animal.

when people see this work, there is a mind would come out:ah, this is about the idea of equal。 when we say equal,it means in the past centuries we have not a right view of being. And when we say equal it always means we are in higher position and the one which we would like to equal is in lower position.  And all of this is up to our idea: human has the highest IQ in the world so we deserve the position, what is the fact?

Has Man a Function in Universe ?  (a title of a book)

and even though we build the grave for dead people to distinguish from other beings,but as time pass by the body will mix with plant with animal with everything, in the end all the works of establishment of differentiation become nonsense.

i think  what i want to do just show the one kind of  reality of the world.

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