Looking Inward, and also Around


Hi Florence, what is your personal take on this group of Zimbabwean ladies in Wales?

Through this film, I am attempting to make audible and visible the unheard voices, and absent images of a small section of the African community in Britain; and in this process, offer an alternative way that they can be imagined – a perspective that challenges preconceived ideas and attitudes about immigrants.

My personal take/approach: is to find a new way to look at, and also to construct the African Subject in Britain. Even though some of these women came here as political or economic migrants, their presence here, and what they do provide another point of view, and another way of seeing and relating to an immigrant. The cultures they have brought here, and some of the values they uphold can be of use to the host community.

Through this film, I am also attempting to find a way to affirm important aspects of African culture that could be meaningful in someway to others.

Is there a similar community of Cameroonian women?

No, I have not yet come across an all Female cultural group from Cameroon whose activities, dynamism and collective consciousness are similar to that of the Zimbabwean ladies.

If not, would you have liked there to be something like it?

As an African woman in the Diaspora, I am always drawn to seeing the wider context of being African – my position is Pan-African. It’s within the wider context for the need to reconstruct and redefine the images and/or ideas about African people that being a Cameroonian matters to me in this Time and Space. So, tomorrow, I could be interested in what people from Malawi or Togo are doing if it reflects my own agenda, and the stories I would like to tell about Africans.


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