What Lies Within proposal

Brief Outline
What does 13 year old Unathi know, what is she supposed to say and how does she react when her own father rapes her? What can she do if her own mother doesn’t believe her story? The only way out is to escape but, what do you expect her to do when she is forced back to her home and into her father’s arms? The only solution is to marry Thabo, a man she doesn’t love in exchange for her security. What she doesn’t know is that she will fall in love with Thabo but then again, she doesn’t know that Thabo also suffered abuse in the hands of his father. Unathi has the choice of either making the painful journey to her past so she can break free from the abusive clutches of Thabo or make peace with her fate.

Emotion Behind the Project
This book will have both drive and emotion. It is aggressively sexual and sensual. Unlike the film, this book will be able to capture the events as they happen in the beginning until a point where my sanity is regained. It will also explore the dilemma of being born of parents who have two completely different backgrounds and my struggle to find a balance with both. It will make an interesting read because it will be more involving to the reader. Undigested, our lives, our personal perceptions, our experiences communicate everything. This book will bring another dimension to issues relating to physical, psychological abuse and the power of love. This is a passionate book about love and sacrifice. It also talks about forgiveness and transformation through will power to accept the very things we have no power to change and the wisdom to know where the sleeping dogs should lie.

Principal medium: Book/film script
Location(s) of production: Zimbabwe.
Production budget indication: between £3,500-£10,000

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