Shape of Soul proposal

Brief Outline
I will study about two crematories in Amsterdam, one is for animal one for human.

The idea is leading the smoke of cinerator to glass making, but only let the smoke meet the hot glass automaticly, not shaping by human.

Emotion Behind the Project
2008 my grandmothers in my father side and my grandmother in my mother side gone one after another.

I was in the crematory of my maternal grandmother, we companied with her for the last length of trip and then she was pushed in the metal container and feel the fire’s warm,

I standed outside of the building, saw the smoke was lifting and scattering,

I was thinking about the shape of the soul if the soul really exist.

Principal medium: Sculpture and sound installation
Location(s) of production: Amsterdam, Netherlands and Nanjing, China.
Production budget indication: over £10,000