I eat dirt… proposal

Brief Outline
A series of fascinatingly nauseating performances about eating flowers and of vomiting, to be performed in a variety of situations, with varying motivations. It is impossible to eat fresh flowers without having the involuntary reaction to vomit immediately. I will try to swallow Tulips whole, tentatively eat around a thorny Rose, lick along a Lilly, and chew Carnations obstinately. Through the sometime voracious and almost vicious or sometime very sad and vulnerable eating and vomiting, publically for all to see or in a corner of a room privately, I will try and fail, repeatedly. The performance will end when I have devoured all the flowers and/or there is nothing left to regurgitate. As with all my work, I take an everyday element, something as readily available and prosaic as flowers and through a simple act of subversive misappropriation lift the performative action into the realm of the poetic, by which I mean that I am performing a metaphor, an absurd and the ridiculous juxtaposition of image or action, comparable to the Surrealists’ and specifically Andre Breton’s concept of le marveilleux.

Emotion Behind the Project
The idea for this performance originated out of my sometime ritual of eating flowers which started in childhood. I used to imagine living in the wild and surviving on a diet of dandelion milk, daisy hearts, rose petals, and grass roots, all of which I tried. I’d like to capture some of the vulnerability and viciousness motivated by the very idea of starvation, physical and psychological, believing that my admittedly very personal response will resonate with a wider audience. This performance is motivated by contradictory emotions caught in tension; at the most fundamental level it is about an irrational fear of starvation and of dying and an insatiable hunger for beauty and life. The everyday melancholy at the inevitability of loss and of things falling apart combined with the absurdity of our ability, on a daily basis, to simultaneously celebrate our infinite appetite for beauty, love and life.

Principal medium: Performance
Location(s) of production: UK
Production budget indication: less than £3,500

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