Horn proposal

Brief Outline
The project is inspired by my childhood toy, a gift from filmmaker Parajanov: a mask of an animal/giant with horns that people normally wear for winter celebrations. For centuries the horn has been used for drinking wine during family gathering and toasting ceremonies in Georgia. A horn symbolises Georgian hospitality and occasion of honour. It creates magical moments.

The concept of a horn is a motif of project Horn that consists of three stages: research trip, production and exhibition. I will travel across Georgia to look for ancient ‘recipes’ for keeping the nation happy. Painting and sculpture installation will be made based on collected materials and a sci-fi narrative. The fiction will tell a story about a British secret agency inventing horn-shaped flying and spying objects for infiltrating Georgian moment of happiness. Horn is a project of contemporary take on traditional food culture, means of social gathering and ways to reach a truly happy life.

Emotion Behind the Project
Taking the Georgian symbolic meaning of horns as a starting point, the project will create links between my native and adapted culture and current art practice. Georgians’ passion in food, my memory of grandparents’ house in rural Guria and various traditional social gatherings (weddings, christenings, funerals…) will become the ingredient for the research and a series of new painting and sculpture.

The experience of IAA blogging and engaging with other artists and public has been inspirational to both my life and art. The project is a re-discovery of my Georgian heritage, a personal journey to the past and memory. It also offers cultural references and aspirations of contemporary life, food culture and social gathering to the British public.

Principal medium: Painting, drawing & sculpture
Location(s) of productionS: Georgia and the UK
Production budget indication: between £3,500-£10,000

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