Baptism in Bread proposal

Brief Outline
To be free is to live the life of your dreams. You can only discover the truth about yourself in your dreams because your waking life is full of vanity, compromise, doubt and lies. The life of your dreams is non attachment. So I am leaving earthly life to search for the dream to find the perfect baker and bread. The very products of my interaction along my journey with any being shall constitute art. No outcome shall be predestined as I am thought embodied, my actions and productivity shall be justified in whatever form. All dreams shall be documented and catalogued and a video diary to accompany the journey shall be produced the final product of this journey shall be the perfect bread. The Buddha found his enlightenment in a loaf of bread but it is written man shall not live on bread alone.

Emotion Behind the Project
In another dream I found myself walking along Citrus Avenue in my hometown near the ruins of the ancient city. A group of young men walked in front of me as we walked past a row of hospital beds arrayed along the street. The boys were met by a group of girls. A young man, Joseph left the group to play/dance with the group of girls. In a sudden motion the ground beneath crumbled to pieces and fell into the abyss. I flew to save Joseph. On grabbing his hand I began to fly skywards. After a long flight there appeared an amazing garden in the sky. At the entrance was Musikavanhu (God) in the form of a great dark coloured bird welcoming me and Joseph to paradise. ‘Uyo ndiMwari (That is God)’ were the only words that I spoke through out the journey. Musikavanhu in the form of the great bird then beckoned us to follow him. We did. He arrived at a spot, landed and transformed into the figure of a man and walked though a great door. Though this door was his angels pure and pure sitting at a great table arranging bread shaped as letters delicately. As they taught us this, Joseph asked me if this is what the gods did, and I told him that I was learning this for the very time.

Principal medium: Documentation of journey
Location(s) of production: Journey starting on Citrus Avenue, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Production budget indication: between £3,500-£10,000
  1. Nadine posted the following on June 1, 2010 at 21:36.

    So the “perfect baker and bread” …
    “spiritual realism”…

    Your proposal has got me thinking…

    The bread of life is not surreal, it is not a fantasy, but “REAL” food for the spirit.
    The perfect “baker” tells us that man shall not live by Bread alone…we need so much more …we need to be spiritually filled

    We as complexed beings are created of the physical body and the spiritual soul ….Thus we must also desire to feed the spirit
    & The only way to discover this truth is to let go of worldly possessions & follow him

    “Baptism”…why the “baptism in Bread”…

    To be …spiritually cleansed…Rebirth…Holy, obedient… a follower of the Perfect Baker and receive the Bread that shall give us eternal life

    Life is not supposed to be filled with vanity, it is not designed to be Gluttony, lustful, etc…and yet this world tells us so

    We must have the latest 3D TV, we must have the latest gadgets, we must abide by the ways of the land… If not are we not seen as backwards…

    “Baptism in Bread”… wow what a wonderful name

    Could I too be blessed to embark upon such a journey as this
    Could I too leave my worldly life, to truly discover the essence of the perfect baker & his perfect bread