AMALGAMATION Concept Proposal

What I think, feel and experience at the moment in my mind is the IDEA of being connected, being attracted or to be more specific being united. The fact, an act, the backstage reason of wanting being united (Amalgamation) itself.

This mostly subconscious phenomenon, takes place in peoples lives every moment, revealed in striving to have a beloved one, a friend, a person with whom they can live, do things etc… get united.

For Ordinary people, Artists (creating), Buddha, (unifying with universe), Jesus (love), …. Etc
The act of creative process, caring, sharing, every single moment is seemingly motivated by inner wish of being united.

The very interesting part here is the analogy of our (human) senses to the ideas, and the reactions (unification) of the ideas themselves. Which I will work on in the process of research – production.

I would like to create an environment which will reflect this idea (the metaphysical reason).

One of the ways of revealing the process is by setting the conditional units which will reflect 2 elements that are visually uniting, thus help to create the mind vision of the reason in ourselves.

“When my mind stays calm and still only some sparkling (unifying) ideas bring the excitement and the feeling of understanding something real.”
Luka Zet