View from two places

I’ll be taken a close study of my environment, my place of birth and where I‘ve lived and grew up. Originally am from Delta state of Nigeria, In the search of greener pasture and white collar job my parents migrate suburb of Lagos state called Ajegunle. There I was born, lived and breed. The city is now becoming a breeding ground for art personalities and significance. Indeed the place is notable for its moral decadence and indecent housing system. Dwellers has been a victims of official neglect by the government,, life is nothing else but appalling in comparison to me new place cos everyone has been living in contentment (that’s the way it is becomes the slogan) Plans to reconstructing the environment and rehabilitate the people has been shoddily conceived and never saw the light of the day. The striven thing about the people, there life style and everyday genre is that they keep hope alive and live in contentment. The economical and political situation has fashion them to be debaters of such issues as a way of life, if only their voice could be heard they are potentials that could profess changes to humanity in the society. I know I owe a lot to my society, I often aspire for greatness not for selfish reason but to reason how long shall we remain like this economically politically socially when we know the truth. In essence, when I look at life in my place of origin and compare it to life in my new migrated place, I see both as two extreme. My place of origin has a short coming that could be improved on and that’s what they could be enlightened about. To capture a glimpse of my original environment in compares to my new environment would create an awareness of the socio economical decadence and deprivation, putting them in abject contentment. Two things are involve in my research and development, to portray and create awareness of my environs in visuals and audio which I believe in some way will impact to the society and establish goodness to humanity