When we look at the world of today, we can see that the wars, immigrations, dichotomy and human rights violations continue to take place. People who have been getting along fine for thousands of years are disaffiliating or fighting. The lives of human beings are worsening as time goes by instead of improving. The countries are dividing, people who have been living together harmoniously are left homeless and artificial borders are being set where they’re living. Violence, evil and militarism have replaced kindness, love and dialogue and have rendered the common living areas uninhabitable.

When we look at Turkey and its surrounding geography, the Balkans, Caucasia and the middle east, we can see that the violence, wars and dichotomies go on and ethnical nationalism as well as religious discourses gaining power. I was born in Hopa, a border county on the north east of Turkey . A village a little away from where I was born had been divided into two years ago when the borders between Georgia and Turkey were being determined. At first, people were trespassing from that border and later on the border was closed permanently. Years later, in 1989, the Sarp border was opened again and people began to meet each other as well as making commerce and establishing familial relationships. This was a beautiful improvement. What could be better than people coming together as well as establishing dialogue and new friendships.

Now, this border is open but may be closed again as a result of a war that may erupt. Even if such a case doesn’t happen, people are constantly under the unease and fear of such a possibility. Daily newspapers, websites and televisions are full of news regarding this unease. 2 years ago, if the Russian army had invaded Georgia , Turkey would close its borders. Maybe it would even go into war siding with the USA . It is a frightening fact that the lives of the people living there are based on such sensitive balances. That’s why I want to make an emotional film titled “Rejoining / Not Rejoining” criticizing this situation.


This is the story of a 30 year old man and women seeing each other for a few minutes and separating after a hug. It will especially not be indicated whether these two people who have seen each other for a short while are lovers, siblings, a married couple, relatives or neighbors. Viewers shall determine these themselves while watching the film. It is the story of two people getting out of the homes in different geographical points, going to the meeting place, overcoming certain geographical obstacles, passing through military checkpoints, meeting on the border line, hugging each other right on that line over the barriers and then separating, other other words, them being rejoining and then separating, not being able to rejoin.


The movie will be in the laz language. This is an ethnical language spoken in Georgia and Turkey . It hasn’t been written or taught for many years because of the governmental assimilation policies and remained as a spoken language used among the people living there. This language mostly known by the older generations is about to be forgotten and it is therefore of great importance that it is used in this film.


Two 30 year old actors who can speak the laz language as well as 50 locals residing at the villages nearby shall be used in the film. Acting talent isn’t required of the cast other than the two main characters and the people living in the area shall be used in order to preserve a natural feeling. The film is planned to be shot with a technical staff of 10 people consisting of a cameraman, electrician and sound operator.


During the shooting of the film, 2 high definition digital video cameras, the accessories of these cameras and sound systems shall be used.


The film will be shot in the Sarp, Liman, Esenkiyi and Bucak villages close to the border. The film will be shot in village houses, old mountain roads and the forestlands. Military clothes and the daily clothes worn by the locals will be used as costumes. As accessories, weapons such as machine guns, guns etc. for the soldiers and the militia as well as two motorized vehicles will be used.


The accommodation and lodging needs of the actors and the technical staff who are not locals and will come from outside the county shall be provided fort he the locals living nearby.

Denizhan Ozer