Bits of me.

If  only I could walk in air.

It s better than to walk on the ground.

Feeling time pass and still be here.

It will be so lovely indeed.

what is the alternative?

If I could I ll be in the air

It s good for my health.

And from there I see clear and everywhere.

It s better than to be on earth.

Like all little things indeed that come and go.

Come and go.

It comes and goes.

Goes and comes without any signaling.

The rising  and setting sun.

Its spreading rays.

Attaining enlightment.

where from?

Does it matter if one does not know how things will be ?

Yes a totally obscured future.


smiling , will it it better if it were not?

Like the type of future we dream about ?

I dream about?

You dream about

Smiling, its crazy all these

Yes it is ,it makes no sense at all, so that is why I guess more attention should be paid unto it.

Unto it.

Time will always elaspe . It is time. So?

It matters most to keep moving , with no idea of what is heading.

It s not a law.

With pleasure , deciphering each puzzle.

Like now.

Each bit of us known or not.

Naked, covered.

Sad , happy, tired, or vivid.

For a while….Silent , in silence.


And if I were wrong?.

Guilt, shame, remorse, illness.

Falling , standing, creeping…Yes.

Oh..I m tired.

Standing , looking , thinking , feeling…

I m human.

Moving forward ;

Moving forward;

Moving forward.

I m happy of a new happiness.

I m happy of a new place.

One made by me.

Smiling, smiling….

It is an e-motion.

It will stop.

whatever, I d be on already.

It matters most.


it s just and e-motion

I don t care, I on…. I m on !

Didier Demassosso aka Didier de Masso

slowly, bits of me.

Greetings to you Bindu and to you Florence :).