Pleasure : what is your pleasure?

It is a principle that all humans seek for pleasure and have aversion for pain .Normally that is.Well, the subjective nature of pleasure made me to wonder on its essence-It s hard to talk about something so intimate-.This because pleasure is part of our private self.Why should it be so. So it s thus true humans are all egoist. As time elapses I tend to think that the “pleasure principle ” – Freud theorises that the Id is our resevoire of what we would like to do always – seems to reign in our world.
It s anxiogenic not to find the right type of pleasure? One that is within the limits of our psyché.Limits?. Does pleasure have limits? If so not all plesaure are of the same nature.Culture , eduction,socialisation , make things difficult.They produce a sort of unawareness.Too much or too less.
Yet , it seems biologiocally we re made to savour life.There is this fact , we have five senses.Each one having a specialised area in the brain to treat information from them.
Does it matter how long pleasure lasts or is it having it that matters?.
There is a sort of entanglement that I find difficult to escape from.

It s like jogging, there is a point where after haven exuded sweat, the brain and the body , the mind and the body seem not to exist.This language between the body and the mind , this concept of pleasure , the object of our quest, the feeling it gives us as human beings, seems to construct parts of our umwelten.

Sensuality , sensoriality , well what are all these? .
It never ceases to intoxicate the self .It is never enough, more is never less, always more and more .
The thing that bothers me is that how to end with the feeling of servitude.
Pleasure is everywhere , in the air , when you walk in the streets, in a sweet-food, in a bath , in communication, in act of communicating, the ‘scene primitive’. in a book…
Perhaps it will be better to share pleasures , yes I think so.That way our umwelten will just be futher enriched and new semiospheres will arise.
what is your pleasure? Saying it is already the begining of the construction.