My eyes my world

Hello Titus, your last proposal sound experimental and great for me. I like to see how it progress.
As for my second project Idea.
I want to continue with the project “My eyes my world” (MMW) a participatory photography workshop for socially deprived or vulnerable children. Last year I was able to work with some children from a beach community in Lagos called Kuramo. This beach is notorious for children who left their parents or families to seek refuge there. Many of these children get expose to various social vices especially since they they lack parental care or mentor to put them in better path of life.
The MMW project is meant to empower the children and give them a voice in expressing their world to the larger society. Last year, with the support of the Spanish Embassy Lagos and a Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative. we recruited about 7 children from the beach. Today am happy to inform you almost all the seven children have been reconciled with their families through the NGO.
The workshop was also climax with a exhibition at the publish place in Kuramo beach, a harbor for children abandoning their families. I was touched by the response of the community to the modest exhibition. They keep on asking about the project and how they could take part in it. It even created informal dialogues about the social of children in Lagos and the responsibility of the state. I think the project was the best that happen in my life and just hope there will be support to continue it this year.
This year my intend is to continue the projec at the Lagos state remind home for Juvenile Delinquency.
My intension is to see how this children could use photography as a way of expressing thier realities of life and means of empowering thier self for better future.
I soon start research on this by visit the Lagos state remind home. By the way, I will be off to Zambia from 20, March and Back 1st April. Maybe we could meet some of these days.
Best regards.