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I am no longer living in the artisitic residence. I am living in some other place, full of new experiences, near to a town called Villa de Leyva, the place is called el Arca verde. It is lost in the mountains, and we live in a very rustical and simple way.
The house is a Maloka, which is circle house, traditionally build by hand, by the indegenous in many aereas in Colombia. It is an Ecoagricultural hostel, where you can learn bio-arquitecture and permaculture. I am very happy to live here now. I have been travelling around Colombia for six months now. This place is the most interesting one until now. I wake up very early. I go every morning to the vegetable garden, then to the mountain and offer my day. There is a stream where I like to go an think and make little “sculptures” with stones. I also work building the new guest house, and of course cooking.
Here I am posting pictures of the new landscapes and some of the food
View of the mountain in front of the house

Fossils and stones


Food from the vegetable garden

so many faces
  1. bindu posted the following on March 13, 2010 at 14:45.

    Dear Adrian,
    I am most inspired by you, I know it is a hard life that you are living, but the experience that you will gain, will out weigh any material or other considerations in life. Probably in times like these we truly understand the meaning of life and the meaningless of many things that we value n treasure. We forget the joy of simply living and getting up in the morning and just being happy to be alive. my own personal trajectory has been very different, but still very similar to yours, at times one gives in and feels whether it is worth anything at all, but most of the times, when one is with oneself completly one knows that there could be no other way. I hope that I will have a chance to meet you. I dont know where I will be, but if you ever feel like leaving columbia and other opportunities arise, you could drop in to meet me. My home be it in India or anywhere esle in the world will be open to you.

    1. Adriana Berrio posted the following on March 18, 2010 at 15:39.

      Dear Bindu:
      My heart arouse with your lovely comment. Thanks a lot for your kind and supportive words. Sometimes i feel like a paper boat lost in the giant waves of a roaring tide. But I repeat to myself that such is life, and that I must trust the divine providence and believe that I am truly getting somewhere, and growing spiritually, which is what matters most to me. I will love to visit India, I’ve been wishing to go and study Ayurveda. Thanks a lot for your offering. If you like to come here, there is a beautiful place to come and visit, people from the whole world come to visit this wonderful house where I live now!
      Dont worry about misspelling my name…!

      blessings from the mountains,


  2. bindu posted the following on March 13, 2010 at 14:47.

    Sorry for misspelling your name Adriana

  3. Bindu Mehra posted the following on March 20, 2010 at 14:43.

    Dear Adriana,
    Once upon a time I wanted to be an artist, I dont wish it anymore. To live life and understand it on a humane level is far more important. To live and to be able to learn is far more important, probabably when we become something we stop learning. This whole journey is just a travel, we stop at many different junctions to learn and to move on. This year has been a tougher learning expereince for me, much like you I am lost in the giant waves, but i cant swim, so i must leave it to time and providence.. I would love to come and meet you, right now am jobless, and its a little tough but we will surely meet someday. I hope outside this space we can communicate with each other. And thannks for the blessings from the mountains.. I love the mountains..
    Take care till then,