Moment of Thought Provoking Procedure! What?

“The following is just a moment of thought provoking and mind purifying procedure, almost necessary for every artist”

Thank you Breda very much,

It’s pretty interesting work and what I like in here is that it is a real time thing:  well almost real time! Anyway, so I always wanted to do something that corresponds to peoples (in general) understandings. For example: if I look at the cloud and I see or imagine an image of a flower… My question would be: what? How is this a flower? I see the flower and it’s not real!!! Hmm how sad… but actually only because I know that it’s not real!!!

So when we try to do something that we as individuals consider as part of our “mission” or “talent” or “passion” … every 3 of it does matter but….  stop! —

Now to clear things out yeah: yesterday me and Andro came to a fact that we really feel what we are going to do, but do not understand it… and an actual reason why I’m writing things down could be; to clear my mind in order to understand it better.

I’m sure Andro is in the same process but behind the scenes.

Now I’m being conscience… and eventually I understand that the flower is real as much as I could feel it to be real. If there is some way that can people understand what they really want, see, and feel, is to interact In the same I would say pallet that they are, and in the same space as they exist. Actually it is almost impossible only because you can never become them and they feel as they do, because they are who they are.

Is it a solution? No but if I would say that I can feel as the other person feels than I could really understand him. Ok now I don’t think that it is so important…

Whatever matters much is this actual moment, a second when you can clearly feel the flower and you can say that it exists.


The rainbow process … did you hear that? I said “the rainbow process “ logically it shouldn’t be important but if  we can create something that could have a common structure with a “rainbow” and a “process” it might represent what I call the re-union of the particles when 2 becomes 1 and when 1 becomes limitless…  What PARTICLES? Read on here

So as I said before you can never be an artist if you don’t write some stupid random ideas on a piece of paper.

Actually on Imagine Art After;)