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Nice to reda from you Bindu.Your proposal is just too lovely.It is very very interesting.I mean I never knew that there was such a fond for the status of the broom.

Pardon me is it linked to the alpha status?.

I guess the essence of marriage in your precised context is to “free” the women from their mothers. By so doing , they might live better their feminity and their sexuation. I agree with you that the fact that women devote their lives to their family , they might feel very strange when they do not have them again.It s like a mourning.Yet , I don t know if there is not an ambigious feeling portrayed by the mothers.

I guess if the mothers get to have a bride who will be ‘willing’ in  way to be their’ girls’ again , things might work.I was think about the independence of these brides and even their determination not to be possed by no one . After suffering a lose , how will they accept a possesion?.

That is what I think.

How are you? :)