The camera is a powerful extention of our senses.Even though it contributes in modifying reality it enables still to see it in some ways which the unaided eye cannot.

I m going to post a series of photos of the women’s day.As i said in one of my last communication.I m using the dressing behaviour as indicator of mental structure.The interpersonal differences should also be noted as well as inter generational differences.In reality the singularity of each an every people is fundamental in the understanding of certain aspects of our universe.I don t think all humans follow thus regularly or harmonously Maslow’s Hiararcy of needs.Why? I hypothesize that the experience groups of humans have lived has radically changed their mentality and as well the interaction between each of them. This issue has brought about the creation of a mechanical mind. A Mind whose structure is totally predictable due to the mixing occuring in terms of culture , and finally habits and behaviours.In some years it might be queer to see someone who is different in mentality. There tends to be a sort of robotized society which makes the sentiment of being human something difficult to bear. The brain fears things which are new and this new experience is source of anxiety and distress.

Internet , mass communication and finally our own perceptions of all of these create a world which seems to be governed by harsh rules. Rules which nature does not have . Rules which create chaos within our psyches.The issue is that most of what is unbearable is repressed and then transmitted from one generation to another.Since everything that has a begining has an end,the generations coming will have mental structures totally under tension,unstable.

There is a specificity in the occurence of different sexes.I think it is a ying and yang.Perhaps we know it so well but with the mechanical mind in action this knowledge becomes repressed.

It could be interesting to invent a device which would be able to measure objectively subjective experience of reality.It is fundamental in understanding How much harm has cultural hybrization caused to us humans.How will we look like in a 100 years , will women be men and men be women? Is it the right question to ask? What sort of evolution are humans into? Perceptions of the world in my place – yaoundé.